Storyline Colorless

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  1. *Corey Marcus is staring at a wall in the dark room, on the wall is glowing paint that reads "Shame to Follow", he turns around*

    "Shame... Is that what is behind you all? You come out trying to prove your at the top of the tree every week. But the truth is your not, your just a leaf on that tree. Seasons change... You change your colors, and that makes you fall, just like a leaf. Your colors are of importance, they make your personality, they are what define you, they keep you from slipping into the abyss. A man should never change or leave his colors, or else he will open his eyes and find himself far below the earth's surface. Shame... shame falls on all of you, you changed your colors too much and now they have abandoned you. What makes you change them so much? No respect from others? You aren't finding yourself the total shit in the place you are today, the IWT? How many numbers does it take to the right of that "0-" in your IWT record for you to realize that maybe it's too late, maybe you changed too much, maybe you.... are officially colorless???"

    *Marcus turns his head towards another wall*


    *walks away as the camera, looks at the wall Corey was looking at, it says in the glowing paint "These Colors Can Never Run", fade to black, segment is over*

    The Bad Omen

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