Storyline Colt Cabana & Aiden Ryan Podcast . (1/2)

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  1. "Aiden Ryan is one of the many talented wrestlers within the company "internet wreslting championship." He was known as the good rookie who eventaully snapped and became "The Prince Of Dark Despair" and with that he gained a following like no other. And he is joining me here right now."

    The Return (open)
    "Alright, Well firstly I want to welcome you back to the wrestling ring because you were out for awhile. Tell us what had happened."

    "Prior to being at an uprising event, My match with Reagan Cole I ended up tearing an ACL. Which then i was out for a good while, but the activity was not. I decided to work backstage in some scenes and work on a little bit of character development before returning. And thankfully by doing that I was able to study others and how they wrestle, and how they approach situations. So when I was cleared and finished with the whole Parker Ryan And Aiden Ryan storyline, The GM approached me and asked "Do you want to be in the MITB match?"
    At first i was a little scared and didn't think I was able to do so, because I had personal stuff happening around me but I did go to the GM and tell him that I don't think I'd be ready to do so."
    Thankfully he did not listen to me and still booked me in the match, So i did eventually go into MITB and the amount of support from the fans and my co-workers was amazing. I was told that I improved and I am not a fast learner but here I've learned so much as a person, I've learned to really compose myself, write out myself, be me because that's what they wanna see. And they like it. It really motivated me and I came close to winning one of the rounds in the match, I proved to be something more and honsetly I still do feel motivated and I feel i can become champion one day. Infact I know I will be champion one day.

    Inspiration (open)
    "You're very determined. I can see you as a champion one day. Now onto brighter subjects, When you first entered IWT you really were a nice guy, you even claimed you were a fan to begin with. Now we all have inspirations, who did you mostly take inspiration from? "

    "Victoria Parker And Joey Bryant, The two of them really made things interesting for me as a fan, I remember after signing my first contract I was introduced to the locker room and you know how they have those TV's in the back where they stream it live? I just remember sitting down watching a pay per view and remember those two names. "

    "It's interesting that you mentioned Joey Bryant, Because you've actaully been becoming quite the fan of him. Infact some might say you're a mark."

    "I am!"

    "What is about him that really stands out to you?"

    "He's nice. He treats me different from all the other talent. He looks out for me and that feels nice. "

    "But you've only had one encounter?"


    "Alright, Moving on then."

    Dream Matches (open)

    "Let's talk dream matches, What are some dream matches you'd like to see?"

    "The Artist Vs Frie."
    "Harriet Vargas Vs Victoria Parker"
    "Victoria Parker Vs Aiden Ryan"
    "Chris Kazier Vs Joey Bryant"
    "Aiden Ryan Vs Trevor Raynor Rematch"
    "Pain Vs The British Kid"
    "Slick Willy Vs Harriet Vargas And Victoria Parker"

    "Trip In The Head Vs Marcus Anthony"
    "Hollywood Jwab Vs Chris Kazier"
    "Aiden Ryan Vs Harriet Vargas"

    "Interesting Picks."

    Well, As we are still live we want to ask our viewers what would they like us to talk about?
    Send in your questions and we'll be right back shortly.

    Tags (open)
    Just wanted to tag those who's names I had used. :) @DK James @The ReagMaster @Trip in the Head @CrayJ Lee @Majour @F.R.I.E @Bill Clinton @Dat Kid @TheArabHammer @Tsar @Trevor~ @RedDwarfTechy

    Disclaimer: This will not interfere in anyone's storylines. Just felt like doing something that has Aiden talking about some of the talent in IWT. I hope no one minds!

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  2. the UK! (the Team of the british Kid and reagan cole)