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Who won?

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  1. Colton

  2. Her Majesty the Queen Damn!

  1. We have a wonderful dark match today, competitors NanoRah14 and Queen Chrysalis (thank god for tags, i couldnt have ever remembered it without autocomplete) in a dark match for absolutely nothing!

    NanoRah14 since you were thrown into the match @Fooq you can go ahead and kick it off. 'SGO!
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  3. *Jacob comes out shaking his body to the music's rhythm and highfiving some fans. He gets into the ring and asks for a mic*
    I came out here because tonight we have a dark match. It's kinda hard to remember when was my last dark match, I even believe I've never been in one, but doesn't matter because tonight I'm facing Farooq's girlfriend. Is she going to end what Farooq couldn't when he was in this company? Do they need money? I don't know and I don't care, I only know I have to fight her tonight. I'm sick of a lot of things and I think it's time I just let them go out and you should listen to them because some of you may disagree, but I know lots of you will agree with everything I say.

    *Crowd is quiet. Jacob stops for a bit and then continues*

    Ok, so this is what I had to say. I'm tired of our General Manager who decided to cancel my feud with Adam at Bound for Glory because I already was in a match, but is that a big deal? Of course it's not. I can take care of both, but doesn't really matter because he told us the card was full and I'm sure you've already checked it out. We still have some time left in the card. Freaking annoying me, but that is just the beginning. I'm also tired of religion. Why do we have to keep going with some stupid rules I can't even read. It's supposed they've translated them, but translations aren't always good, if you don't believe me try to translate a two words in Google's translator, and I actually believe they didn't translate them the right way because someone who is our savior wouldn't tell us what to do. If he's a really powerful man he would take care of us, we wouldn't die of cancer or we wouldn't kill ourselves... It's like we've got to watch out. And don't get me wrong, I'm not saying I don't believe in sins, Jesus or any other things like that, I'm just saying that God, who is supposed to look after us does nothing. Actually Jesus died for us while God, a man we've never seen but we dedicate our entire life to spend the afterlife with him, just does nothing. Humans have to look for God, while Jesus looks for humans.

    *"Sinner" chants start covering the arena, when the arena is quiet cheers appear as well as "we love you" chants*

    And the thing that irritates me the most is society. By society, I don't mean you guys, you're awesome as always. By society I mean those guys who rule the world. Those people who make us pay a lot more taxes so they can live on a house twelve times bigger than ours, those guys who make the rules. I'm tired of those parents who tell their children to study because they'll have a better future while in half of this stupid world the most stupid man is they most powerful of us, the seven thousand million people living nowadays in this world. Some of our politicians haven't got bachelor's degree, but they can live in a big house, buy a lot more things we can't and even rent a private yet, while we, the "educated" people, have to work 8 hours a day to get about 2000 dollars at the end of the month. People who have no studies find a job before we do and that makes me think "why do we spend half of our life studying?". Some people may say you it's because they want to know more every day, but I'd lie you if I told you I studied to know more. I studied because I wanted to please my parents and at the same time, having more opportunities at finding a good job and earning a lot of money and even though I didn't study wrestling I came to this company and learnt it because I wanted to be a part of this big world that is wrestling and dedicate my life to entertain you. That's why I ain't leaving!

    *Crowd cheers. Jacob sits on the top turnbuckle and continues*

    Remember my words, I'm not trying to start a revolution, I just needed to let this go out and needed to express what I feel. I know why Farooq left. He left because he didn't enjoy wrestling anymore and he decided to look for other job where he can be happy again. Good for him. He did what he wanted to do and he forgot about what they thought about him. Anyways, who I'm facing isn't Farooq, it's his girlfriend. Ok, don't really know much about her, but if she's just a bit like Farooq, we'll have a hell of a match. She can do whatever, but I'll beat everyone who is in my way until I get my hands on Adam, and then I'll go for you, Jonathan!
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  4. The lights dim as six men in dressed in full black clothing come out. Their entire bodies covered as three stand on one side of the ramp, and the other three stand on the other side. They all bow down, staying in position as the crowd looks at them in confusion.


    As soon as the words were spoken, red smoke covered the entire arena floor. Soon another figure made their way to the stage. This one being five feet tall, and 5 inches. She was covered in a black robe and had white facepaint with a black upside down cross painted on each cheek. Her long hair was a dark blue greenish and she carried a staff with an upside down cross. She made her way to the ring, looking straight ahead as the crowd didn't know how to respond to this scene. As soon as she made her way down the ramp, she turned around looking at the figures who were bowing. She rose her hands up, and immediately they rose up. Four of them standing by each corner of the ring, and two guarding the bottom of the ramp as the woman entered the ring by walking up the stairs. She removed her robe, showing that she was wearing black boots, black gloves, black tights and a tight black shirt. All with no design though, only black.

    The woman took the microphone away from the announcer and looked at Jacob Colton. "Jacob..." She said before laughing at him and pushing him then getting into his face. After a few seconds she backed away and chuckled. "You want to know something about 'God' Mr. Colton? Something about the big 'good guy in the sky', is that he's just like you. Always making a big deal about every little thing. The world is 'full' of sinners and one family isn't so how does he answer it? He floods the world. Real nice guy right? A woman gets raped, and how does God handle it? She should marry the man that forced her into it. Ohh we should all cry because he got whipped, but how do we know he didn't just stage the whole thing? After all he is the all powerful God. Do you know why he does stuff like that? Because he is a selfish attention whore, much like you are. You can salvage your career and focus on improving it, but instead you choose to blame the 'managers' just because they canceled your match."

    She continued to speak, the crowd in quiet while some of them booed due to religious offense. This only made her smile, looking at the members of the crowd who were booing and yelled, "GOD IS DEAD!!!" Their boos grew louder and louder as she laughed and turned her attention back to Jacob. "Look at them, they're just like you. All bark, but no bite. If you want to talk about society in a negative way, then why don't you just stop yourself from being like society. You talk like society, you look at society in a negative way, like most in society, and you even have a mere common first name that can be found in society. You sound like a angry child that just left Hot Topic at 8 o'clock at the nighttime. There's nothing special about you, that is why the managers cancels your matches. Why would they care about common talent, they could sign anybody like you that works the cashier at the local Wal-Mart." She said, getting into his face and looking in his eyes, nearly piercing his soul with her stare.

    "Do you want to know why I came here, in the ring this time? Because I am sick and tired of hearing about 'wrestlers' like YOU. Pathetic wrestlers, ones with no talent. You may have 'heart' but so do the people at the local ARC thinking they can actually be something." The crowd boos louder at her, as she doesn't move and stays in Jacob's face and speaks, "I am going to destroy everyone of you, you are all going to be on the ground for me to wipe my feet on. In the end of the day, you are all as common as welcome mats, being used to wipe all of the trash and dirt I got on my feet before walking into the house of greatness." She said, backing up and smirking as she moved back and waited for Jacob to respond to her.
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  5. *Jacob starts laughing. Then he stares at Queen*

    You're right about one thing, God is dead. I just said God means nothing to me, but Jesus is there picking people and offering them salvation. Anyways, I'll make a quick recap so you can understand what I said some time ago. I just said I believe in sins, and a lot more things, but not in religion. I just said we should be ourselves and forget about those rules to get a place on that stupid heaven God is offering us because in fact, a God who makes us look for him shouldn't be called God. I'd prefer to lick your ass than trying to reach the heaven where I'll live forever. I prefer to have fun in this life because I don't know what's about to come and that's what I'm doing. I'm enjoying every single day in this life just like this people are enjoying this match and just like everyone should do. You know what? Today, Maria de Villota has died at her hotel room in Seville, she could've been dead a long time ago but doctors could save her life and she kept going with her life with a smile on her face and she died with a smile on her face because she enjoyed living just what we should do.

    *Crowd is divided, some boos coming from religious people, but others screaming "Jesus>Religion", while other cheer.*

    Alright now that I made that quick recap I'm going to counter your offensive. You're right, I'm part of this society I'm criticizing, but I'm not a part of that part of the society I was talking about. Yeah, all I said was crap but it's what I feel so if you dislike it don't listen to my words just like a lot of people do. My name is common? Yes, and? At least I'm not a fake who wants to make this people think his real name is King. My real name is Jacob Colton and so is my wrestling name. Why using my real name? Because that way people will feel nearer to me and they'll think they can get into this company because in the end, they make this business big. Without them you wouldn't be here and you wouldn't have money to buy that facepaint you have in your face just as I wouldn't have mine. You know what? I don't care if you can beat everyone in this company, there'll be always someone who will defeat you at least once. He may steal the victory, but it's a win over you after all. Won't keep going much more because I'm just a bit tired of training for my PPV match. Yeah, I said a PPV match, that means I'm in the PPV while you'll have to wait and see how I go through hell in your locker room.

    *Crowd cheers as they start laughing at Queen*

    And well, let me get one more thing straight before I leave. Adam attacked me from behind showing to the world what kind of bitch he is, but who cares? I just wanted revenge and I don't care if I can't fight him at BFG because you and everyone in the back knows I won't stop until I get Adam! Adam wants to fight me, I want to fight him. It doesn't matter if our egotistical manager doesn't want to see that match, I won't stop winning matches until he gives me that match. And you... You are just my first victim. You should feel proud of that, Ms. Hollywood.
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    Sorry for being so late, I've been busy today. Give Farooq more time so he can post his promo. I want this to be a clean match.
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  8. The woman tapped her feet, having her arms crossed as she waited by the turnbuckle waiting for Jacob to finish. "Are you finish yet? Because that was the most cliche form of insults I have ever heard. Yes your precious Spanish driver passed, along with Jan Kuehnemund of Vixen, and plenty of people in Africa, and many new born females in China. I have heard it all before, mourning over lost ones, it's fine dear. You can grab a box of tissues, and no not to touch yourself with, use it on your eyes dear. Because those are not the only deaths that are going to happen, not only will more people continue to die day in and day out, but your career will fall into sickness, crash, burn, explode, all of these things, and pass. And don't worry, your career will have it's tombstone just inside the IWT arena, so people will look at it, and remember how much of a waste of space you are in this company."

    She began to get closer to Jacob once more, looking him straight in the eyes. "You go ahead and continue to laugh with these feeble people. Because, for the moment you are going well, for the moment you are in Pay-Per-Views, for the moment your name is in the posters of IWT showcasing your match, but just like every moment, this moment will pass. It will be blown into the wind, carried off to soon be forgotten. Once the wind carries your 'moment' away, I will come in. I'm not coming in with a moment, or to be satisfied by fighting someone who has more gimmicks than Madonna has hair styles dear, I will be fighting champions, and dethroning their reigns. So enjoy the moment you have now, live life for the moment, because it will all be over soon."

    The crowd booes her, getting louder to cheer for Jacob as she smirks. "You're like these fans, easy to manipulate. If I say good stuff or make them feel important, they will cheer....if I say negative stuff to them, even if it is the harsh truth, then they will begin to boo me. You can give them whatever they want, and they will continue to grow sour. They are such petty creatures, always talking but providing more actions, just like you. You continue to talk and talk and talk, but look how long you have been in IWT, and where has all this talk taken you? Face facts, you have come short of everything, and of course now you'll be in anger, because the truth is like medication in a needle. It pierces through your skin, hurting you...but then it begins to heal you and defeats the sickness, which is what I am doing as of now. Either you take in my medication of truth, going through the pain and start to heal, or you continue to follow your own path and go to the unsuccessful paths of failure." She said handing the microphone to one of the robbed men outside of the ring.

    The bell began to ring, and the match started.
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  9. (Sorry for being late :sad: I really meant to get to it once I read it)
  10. That's it. Now we need a poll or voting system. If I'm honest I forgot how good was Farooq and how shitty I look when I face better people than me... Anyways, the winner will be picked by you, so come here and vote, you whores!
  11. I honestly don't think I did that well in this match. Felt like I had nothing to work with as a sudden new character really...
  12. True, I've seen better promos coming from you, but you did a great job. Compared to my promos, yours were like a hot coffee in a very cold day.
  13. Yo vote.
  14. Voted Colton.
  15. W-why?!
  16. Damn Nano, don't be a deathly annoying to Seabs. Got a claw to pick on you about it.
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  17. I know, I'm just curious to know why he voted me. Anyways, won't ask more if that annoys you :((
  18. Im pretty sure more people need to vote :notsure:
  19. Voted Chrysalis.....This was a Good Match, Dawgs....But I'm going with Chrysalis.