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  1. *The lights on the stage fade to black, and a silence falls over the arena. Suddenly, a familiar tune starts to echo through out the stereo system.*

    *A flash of white light illuminates the darkened stage, and Andrew emerges from the curtain at the 0:22 mark to a somewhat negative response. The title is high above his head, ala Suicide; he's also dressed in his old gear:
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    And he's even accompanied to the ring by a Dat Kid look a like.(no, not Farooq)*

    *Andrew smiles and pauses*
    Miss me? ~The question immediately induces a negative reaction~

    *Andrew hands the Dat Kid look a like his title to hold. Before resuming Andrew swiftly delivers a Decapitator(superkick) to the look a like which gets a pop from the crowd*

    Man that felt good, but all of this is for more than my own satisfaction. It signifies something, it signifies that you can prosper from your failure, and desperation. Last year around this time I failed to become the first Undisputed champion, just like I failed to capture the World Heavyweight Championship at Money in the Bank. But after that loss at SummerSlam I prospered by becoming apart of the proclaimed best tag team since The Generation which ironically one of my partners was also in, and now I'm looking to prosper once more by going after a new challenge. Facing Alias was my first taste of singles action in six months, and I felt alive during it.

    The question remains as to what my next challenge is, but I think you could already guess by my entrance earlier. If you can't then allow me to elaborate, knock knock. Who's there? Victoria Parker, I've returned to the IWT. Victoria Parker who? Victoria Parker, the Hardcore Champion. Victoria and I have faced one another on multiple occasions, and I still feel like we've always alluded each other. But all of it comes to a head because I say let's have Victoria, and Andrew 3 at SummerSlam in a complete 360.

    Victoria, this is an offer you can't refuse.
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