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  1. This whole Closed thread is a bunch of terrible BS, and will NOT get new members/ guests to check it out. It also makes for a lot more work for you @"jj seabz" and @Britanica i dont know where the fuck you are but if you are going to be gone temporarily (like we pm'd about) it's time to set someone else up.

    We need to make threads for challenges. It adds more space to the forum, sure, but delete the ones that don't make sense, while keeping the quality ones open for online members/guests to see BUILD. You can't build a challenge here, and just having the promo battle adds nothing to it, the inbetwen is the most important part. If you disagree, have a poll and prove me right.

  2. Why couldn't you have PM'd me about this...

    No, those threads turn into promo cutting and a spam fest. It doesn't set a good example to newcomers and it isn't organised. Closed as this isn't up for discussion in public. Take it to PM if you want too.
  3. Why is this closed? Surely this is something everyone who participates in IWT should have a say in?
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  4. These threads turn into gohan and aids having a spamfest, thats why.
  5. Jonathan, you need to stop this. If that happens then tell staff and they can deal with it, or you can deal with it yourself, but this is seriously becoming a section that you're ruling with an iron fist. Aids has made a legitimate IWT suggestion which I actually agree with in the IWT section, and the IWT is and always will be ruled by those who participate. If the users want it to be ran a certain way, it does. Your job as a moderator is making the threads, organising the threads, and running the fed which Britanica used to do. New rules and stuff are up to the users.

    This suggestion is quite important as it has a massive impact on how IWT is ran right? Open challenges are dope. Also, this section is renowned for how much fun IWT is, it's never been seen as a HQ section. Organising it is awesome and you've done that well, but actually moderating it and thread closures and stuff is something you don't need to do. Let seabs or another member of staff take the flack for that stuff.

    I absolutely love IWT, even though I can't participate myself, but I genuinely love reading over the stuff, and I can't sit here and watch everything change and have all this drama. The users rule this section.

    :rock: - thought this smiley was appropriate. It was such a Rock kind of speech.
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  6. Dont come fucking crying to us then when it gets out of hand and gohan gets mad and pms you with bullshit.
  7. Also me and aids discussed this on skype. We have an ieea were going to be rolling out next week,
  8. You're getting far too big for your boots. I explained that rationally and you start ranting at me? The guy who fucking put you in charge of this section? Your moderating style is pathetic. You have no extra power in this section than the users participating in it, okay? ALL suggestions regarding this section are posted in this section and they are WELCOME with open arms. IWT is fun, it's why it's so active, don't start to ruin that. This isn't even about Gohan anymore. What's all this one thread for challenges stuff? If I wanted to join IWT and call out Aids, or seabs because he's northern, or Stopspot because of IKEA, or @"R Albin" for paedophilia, I for sure want my own thread.
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  9. You dont understand those threads, ill explainnthem tomorrow,
  10. Let me ask you something, how many users said yes to this new change? How many said no? Did you even ask?
  11. To address the question at hand, I support what @"Aids the Jock." is saying about allowing quality threads that allow for build-up. Just like with the WWE, a proper build-up towards a match-up is what can add further investment and interest into it once the match actually happens. I hope you'll consider allowing these types of thread since I think they can add a lot of excitement and extra fun to this section.
  12. Old enough to count, old enough to mount :ryan:

    P.S. Jonathan, think you forgot to sticky this thread.
  13. Isn't that what crayo said about your little sister.
  14. :haha::haha::haha: @Pyro
  15. Didn't answer my question @Jonathan
  16. Didn't even see this until you just mentioned it.

    Which change?
  17. The many changes you're doing. Did you even ask anyone?
  18. It depends what changes you're referencing. Some I asked, some I didn't.
  19. What did you ask and what didn't you ask? You can't simply dictate this section Jonathan. The users control it, not you.
  20. Crayo vs Jonathan @ ER!!!!