Storyline Come Forth The Weak

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  1. *Deep in the Swamps of Louisiana, a quite little cabin is seen in the distance. From the windows, multiple colors are flashing. Smoke pillars from the chimney. You can hear a airboat sailing across the water, in it is a IWT camera crew. Worried looks are on their faces as they see multiple warning signs to turn back. The air boat docks on the dock next to the small cabin*

    Crew Member #1: I've got a bad feeling about this place.

    *A loud explosion is heard inside the cabin along with the smoke from the chimney turning orange. A dark shadow opens the door to the cabin. Orange smoke pours from the opening in the door filling the air with a pungent smell.

    ???: Qui est là?

    Crew Member #1: What?

    ???: Who goes there?

    Crew Member #2: We are from IWT. We are here for a interview.

    *The door swings open and the dark figure steps away from the door leaving a narrow gap for the camera crew*

    Crew Member #1: We are not getting paid enough for this...

    *The camera crew squeezes through the crack and a large man is seen standing at a table full of skulls, candles and potions.*

    ???: Sit please. I have not a moment to spare.

    *The camera crew sits at the table sitting in the middle of the room. The table is tilted and a black cat is sleeping in the middle of it. The cat is not disturbed by the two men sitting down.*

    Crew Member #1: Who are you? Why are you here in IWT? What are your motives?

    ???: Why am I here? Im here because the hungry has gotten to me. The hungry of a wolf has consumed me and its has been longing to get out. The wolf inside me wants to tear someone apart. It has consumed my inter good and turned it into something even the champions of IWT will not be able to compete with. Who am I? I am the next champion of IWT. I am the one that the roster of IWT should be scared of. I am Baron Moreau.

    Crew Member #2(with a shaky voice): What are your intentions in IWT?

    Baron: To rid IWT of the weak, to take their championships and too show IWT that only the strongest can survive. I guarantee in my first match my opponent will not be able to leave the ring under his own will. IWT is filled with weak, small people and these people should be taught a lesson. The lesson of don't mess with the big guys.

    Crew Member #1(with a shaky voice): I think we have to leave now.

    *The black cat on the table starts stirring then finally it hisses at the camera crew who now starts running out of the cabin. Baron smirks.*

    Baron: À bientôt!

    *The air boat is heard cranking up and driving away. Off in the background the cabin of Baron Moreau is seen pouring out orange smoke. It gets smaller and smaller till the only thing visible are the bald cypress surrounding the area.*

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