Storyline come on then you c***s!

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  1. *gav the chav appears on the titantron*

    (Gav the chav) at extreme rules the dazzling chavs will reclaim what is rightfully theres when we take on the order and the Desperadoes I hope you lot listen very carefully coz gav wants to tell you something

    The despa fucking radoes what a bunch of fucking cheeky ****s you are at extreme rules gav intended it to be the order v the chavs but you had to stick your fucking huge donkey nose in didn't you well gavs gunna take that huge donkey nose of yours and shove it up that desperate arse of yours you bunch of cheeky ****s

    Don't get me started on the fucking order gavs noticed they have gone on a little kidnapping spree again recently trying to expand your little group eh? Well if anyone thinks joining the order is a fucking brilliant idea just ask yourself this right gav wants you to ask yourself am I really a fucking little doyle who wants to hang around with a bunch of bellends? Nah! Thought not now don't do something silly or you'll make yourself a new enemy in gav the chav

    oh and marcus I told you before and im gunna tell you again get your dirty little paws of my dazzle all this little poison and other shit you're putting in to his head it won't work so back the fuck off or I will fucking drop you!

    And finally @Delik Sunderland are fucking shite and are getting relegated to the championship gav looks forward to the easy 6 points the mighty boro will take from you next year

    *gav waits to see if anyone responds*

    @B.Dazzle @TheArabHammer @Trip in the Head @Stopspot @Shadoxicity feel free to respond
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  2. Chip: *snicker* kiss your muddah with that mouth?
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