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  1. I hate the idiotsyncicies of people with comedy.

    People have their friverlous pranks and piss takes. Where is the wit and charm of blackadder in the average moron.

    I found myself coming up with witty lines all the time but the ziegeist never found them funny, yet a average joe can do a silly prank and be hailed funny.

    i am always puttig the time on to repeat lines i have heard of tv comedies, i always pick out the best bits. we are all wwe fans and live on the outskirts of society and are unappreciated by the ziegeist.

    ANyone else feel this
  2. The majority of people are mundane in their humor, intelligence, way of thinking, etc. That's what it comes down to. People sometimes laugh at the dumbest and unfunniest of shit (this forum is often a good of example of that), and sometimes the wittiest of lines get little or no response. I used to think it was just me, but now I realize it's everyone else.
  3. its annoying though lad

    i make a witty one liner and people just carry on, but someone makes a friverlous lookalike comaprison and its seen as a rib tickler.

    for exmple, some metrosexual once called me a sloth, and it was seen as funny. I remarked back "what hand do you write your bum with", he said "left", and i said " i use toipet paper", and no one laughed

    whats the crack
  4. You have cat to be kitten me right meow. :kitler:

    (good example eh?)

    I honestly don't care what others think is funny. I know what is funny to me. A lot of what is in so called "comedy movies" is on par with family guy humor anymore and I don't get what is so funny about that either.
  5. dont get what the problem with family guy is

    i think people overthink it. at least it is not self-rightious and preachy. it does what it says on the tin
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  7. i dont get this cat humor either
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  8. Family guy tries too hard to be funny. I am not saying the show is all bad... But I lost interest in watching in a few years ago.
  9. people overthink it

    instead of enjoiyig it they point out the flaws
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  11. I still don't find it funny. lol I did when I wad younger but now, meh.
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  12. work on your material lad. you are worse than peter kay

    family guy is the cream of animtaed comedy
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    early Simpsons and Beavis and Butthead > > >
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  14. If this "cream" you are referring to is the stuff you put on a diaper rash, sure.
  15. again ,work on your maaterial

    you are no better than the lad who called me a sloth lad
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  16. lad she is in fact a lass
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  17. Your metro-sexual taste in comedy is bullox.
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  18. simpsons was too preachy, and b and b played it safe. family guy is not afraid to go too far, it is not self-rightious

    i was not aware that solid sname was a rump shaker
  19. I can never tell if you're playing a character or not.
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  20. it's funner for me to think he isn't
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