Other Comic Con 2014 Poster releases

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  1. The first poster released for The Hobbit: Battle of the Five Armies

    The first poster for Mad Max: Fury Road

    Jurassic World first poster

    The Hunger Games: Mockinjay exclusive Comic Con poster

    Toy Story That Time Forgot tv special poster

    Will update as more are released.​
  2. First poster for Air... produced by Robert Kirkman and starring Norman Reedus from The Walking Dead
  3. Comic Con exclusive Expendables 3 poster


  4. "Toy Story That Time Forgot" I got pretty excited when I thought it was like a new Toy Story movie but it's a short isn't it?
  5. Yeah, it'll be a 1 hour long TV special.
  6. Hour long? Sounds cooler now.

    Usually, every year, I pay close attention to Comic Con but I haven't found the time and place to keep track of it this year.
  7. It starts tomorrow through the 27th... I'll be making a Comic Con trailers thread once the trailers start releasing online.. and there will definitely be posters revealed so this will be updated as well.
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  8. Oh, I thought it's been going on lol
  9. The link for the Mockingjay poster is broken, so here it is:


    I can't wait for this movie. I loved the Hunger Games books (don't judge me) and I really enjoyed both of the movies, hoping that this will be just as good, if not, better.
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  10. Thank you... and I, too, enjoyed the books and both movies thus far... I can't see this movie being anything but good.
  11. Comic Con exclusive poster promoting the new season of the Simpsons...

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  12. I'm kind of intrigued by Air.
    And as always, so jealous of the people at SDCC.
  13. It'll be a kick in the balls I'm sure but I can't help but be excited for the Jurassic Park movie.
  14. Heavy Metal reboot film poster...

  15. new Mad Max? I wish they'd leave these old films alone. Stop with the rehash.