Storyline Coming To An End

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  1. A Duffle Bag is shown in the center of the ring as music begins to play.

    Aiden Ryan is stood on the ramp with microphone in hand.

    "I know you are all wondering why am I not resting up after the brutal attack that happened to me at my photoshoot. Infact you all may be wondering why I am out here to even address the situation. You see, I have a duty here in IWT... I am your prince, I am the one who delvers the excitment and class that the X Divison so desperately needs and it seems everytime I pop my head up out of the bottom of the food chain there is always one peasant who thinks they can banish me from this division. "

    Aiden begins to walk down the ramp in a slow pace.

    "And then I stop and wonder, Is it because they envy me? Is it because they envy the fact that they could never stand toe to toe with the royalty of IWT? Or is it because they are so empty on the inside that they just want five minutes with me to prove that they are relevant and still exist in the eyes of my wondering fans. Or is it because that I was gifted the IWT contract and you were sent packing back to your little indie promotion where you cried and cried knowing that the only place you could ever adventure to with your pathetic wrestling abilities is Impact Wrestling."

    The fans thunder the arena with cheers over the impact wrestling insult as Aiden Laughs and shrugs his head. He looks at the camera and mouths

    "Sorry Dixie"

    He Makes his way up the steel steps.

    "Just because you weren't as gifted as I was and didn't have the charm or charisma as i do doesn't mean that you have to step on my glory and crush it into an abyss of hatred, Infact if you were to work on your self...nevermind, you still wouldn't compare but that is beside the point I am trying to make. "

    "You feel as if, that if you smash with a bottle that I'll go run and cry and never return to this environment, you feel as if I am a coward and that everything around me turns to a river of tears that drown everything and everyone i've ever loved. Well news flash, Parker. No tears are rolling down these cheeks, No blood will be gushing from this face and there is no chance in hell you could ever compare to me. "

    "There's only room for one prince of dark despair, There's only room for the most, enticing, satisfying, most electrifying..."

    Aiden Winks as the fans cheer at the B.Dazzle Reference.

    "... Ryan in this company... and incase you didn't get the message... Let me make things a little clearer for you."

    Aiden enters the ring via the middle rope and walks over to the center of the ring. He places the microphone down next to him and unzips the duffle bag slowly. With a smile Aiden Ryan brings out a clipboard with a piece of paper. Grabbing his microphone Aiden signals the cameraman to come closer.

    "This is an IWT contract with your name on it. Now this contract will be reviewed from the owner of PWGP And AMW to see if you will be approved to be apart of those shows ONLY if you beat me... However If you do not beat me... This contract gets burned right infront of your eyes and your dreams of being within this company will be perished for good."
    Aiden Smiles dropping the contract at his feet.

    A New Theme irrupts as Aiden stands there smiling
    Fireworks blast as the lyrics begin. Out of the curtain emerges Parker Ryan with microphone in hand.

    "So it's come to this. Us actually competing to see who is better then the other"

    "It's always been this, Parker. Every day of our lives it's been you verse me the only difference is, I never wanted it that way."

    "Then what did you want!? You left us!"

    "WHO WOULDN'T"T! With a brother like you... Who wouldn't leave!? I'm the way I am because of you, Because of the way you treated me!, The way you would sit there and watch as I cry and break down, as my world around me crashed. You fucking did this to me, Parker! You destroyed my humanity, You brought me to the depths of feeling worthless and never loved by anyone!"

    "You did this to yourself, You brought yourself to that point because you are worthless, Aiden. You thought you could come to a wrestling company and find acceptance... Well guess what... No matter what The Order Of The Night Tells you, No matter what these fans cheer to you, No matter what The British Kid does for you... You'll always be a piece of trash from the slums of Sydney. As for the match offering... I accept!"

    Parker drops the microphone and walks out as Aiden stands there with tears filled up in his eyes. Aiden throws his microphone down and runs his fingers through his hair. Looking down he see's that tears begin to flow down and hit the canvas.

    Dropping to he's knees he breaks down emotionally, letting the tears cry out as he curls up on the mat and hugs his legs close to his chest.

    Talent Needed (open)
    I would like a wrestler to maybe do a backstage segment with Aiden. If you want in, PM Me :)

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  2. Lots of good build to this match idea @Butters! I hope the IWT likes the idea as much as we do lol