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  1. Out of the current crop of commentators, who would everyone like to see for each brand?

    Personally I'd go:

    Raw: Michael Cole, Booker T, Josh Matthews

    Smackdown: Stanford and Regal

  2. Raw : Cole (colour- heel) Stamford (lead - neutral) Striker ( colour - face)

    SD - Booker (colour - face) Regal (colour - heel) Matthews (lead - neutral)
  3. This.

  4. It would be good, but could they turn Cole colour after so long as a lead?
  5. Sure. Have Cole say he's fed up carrying the other crap commentators. Done.
  6. Lol, simple enough I suppose. Would fit well with his character also.
  7. That.

  8. Id quite like Cole to become more of a manager so have Barrett take his role until he's recovered then have Regal on both shows?
  9. If Cole returned to commentary after - I'd love him to become a manager. Barrett is sick on commentary, he's like Punk.
  10. Barrett needs to go on commentary.
  11. I think he might towards the end of his injury. At the moment it's still painful for him I imagine.
  12. Raw Cole and Booker King

    Smackdown same :emoji_wink:
  13. Raw: JR & King (in prime, I repeat PRIME).
    Smackdown: Cole, Booker T, Matthews.
  14. The problem is unless we can call Doctor Who in for a house visit Lawler's prime is long gone.
  15. Thats why I said prime.
    I want them to be like that again.
  16. Matt Striker, Michael Cole, And Booker T = Best PPV Commentary team ever.
  17. Nah, Stanford, Cole and Striker/Regal.
  18. I really wish Stanford was used on a primary show. He's so much better than Cole or Lawler. Personally, I'd love to replace Lawler with Stanford.
  19. I swear I just saw this kind of thread earlier..
  20. LMFAO stanford is one of the worst commentators i have seen. Striker will be a close second.
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