Commissioner Emperor Gohan come to talk to the fans of ICW! And show of his Champion!

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    Commisioner "Emperor Gohan" walk out with alot among of BOO from the fans of ICW! Gohan walk into and glab of mic!

    I TOLD YOU ALL! That at 1st should I would look for MY CHAMPION the
    "Corporate Champion"! And I find in Lord Lee! He a Champion you can all be Proud of!

    More BOO that just get louder!

    Hay! I am your Commissioner and you all SHOW ME SOME RESPECT! There are 2 rules here in the ICW Rule Number 1: DON'T CROSS BOSS YOUR EMPEROR COMMEND YOU! And Rules Number 2: Don't Cross the Champion! Now all of you stand up and and show the rightful RESPECT for YOUR Champion weather you all like it or not! MOST IMPORTANTLY, MY CHAMPION! The Champion that will take ICW were it should be! Without further or do! The ICW World Champion Lord Lee! @Lord Ovalhead !
  2. *Lord Lee comes out with his ICW WHC around his waist, being greeted with vicious boos, Lord Lee smirks and looks onto to Gohan, nodding in appreciation. Lord Lee runs down the ramp and into the ring, eager to get speaking ASAP. Gohan hands him the microphone.*

    Lord Lee: How kind of you to let me have your mic! Anyways, I am here to let you know that I have done what I set out to do, do what helps corporations, just like I do outside of wrestling! I'm a business loving, profit thriving, stock buying....capitalist machine! Gohan is MONEY! You see the commissioner right here.

    *Points to Gohan*

    Lord Lee: This guy gets more attention than Apple gets profits!! I think you should applaud him RIGHT NOW!

    *Fans continue booing. Gohan shakes his head.*

    Lord Lee: You don't cross Gohan everyone, he is what makes and breaks this company, you all paid to see this show, giving Gohan MORE MONEY and you dislike him. You hypocritical scum should stop using your mouths and vocal cords and START USING YOUR BRAINS!!

    *Lord Lee lifts his ICW belt in the air and puts over his left shoulder, he shakes Gohans hand and leaves the ring, he smiles at Gohan and walks up the ramp and leaves.*