Composing a long post turns up errors.

Discussion in 'Suggestions & Questions' started by Stone Cold X, Jan 16, 2016.

  1. I was editing one of my posts in the MGSV: TPP thread to reply to another user who had a long post, and I was typing out a long reply, too.... and here comes a CAPTCHA screen disguised as a fucking error message!

    *slams facepalm* FUCKING. SHIT!

    Hey, Solidius, is this 1.5.5?
  2. That's Cloudflare being too strict, though completing the captcha should still save the edit and whitelist you for a week.
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  3. *Spits on cloudflare* puta!

    Not you... Annoying little pest that screen. Looks like I'll have to find the guts to compose it again. GAH.
  4. I've disabled captcha showing up for the firewall rule it triggers now.
  5. I mean, I get it... but it's still an annoying little message. I'll come back later to compose the message, once I've calmed down.
  6. It's necessary though. Post editing triggers it very infrequently, but I'm fine with disabling it.