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  1. There are probably about 4 threads about this situation and I'd rather end this before Crayo or another mod has to get involved.

    I am impartial in this. I am siding with neither Jonathan or Aids because I believe both of these gentlemen have valid points.

    I don't agree with Aids' method of doing this, but he has support, and tons of it, which means something IS wrong with the way things are being run. That being said, we need to change and Aids is absolutely right.

    However, that does not mean Jonathan needs to be removed. I think we've established a nice balance with Shadow at the co-gm spot. When Jonathan gets a little out of hand, Shadow steps in on the behalf of us. Jonathan has kept this place running like clockwork and we may not agree with what he says a lot of the time, but we do have to agree that he has kept this place organized and it was that trait that caused me to recommend him for the spot in the 1st place.

    So, if creative would close all other threads. I want each and every member who has a problem with things to state those problems right here in this thread and we can work as a team to fix them. C'mon, this is your chance to publicly state what's wrong. However, this is not a forum to bitch at people. I don't want to know WHO is the problem, I want to know WHAT is the problem. So go ahead.
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  2. We can agree to disagree here. If you need me to explain - look only at the dark matches during ppv thread in creative.
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  3. I have a problem.

    You're black. :tough:

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    LOLOLOL :lol1: *does crazy laugh*

    But seriously. Yeah - this is bold shit. People need to calm down.
  4. I agree. Dark matches should be permitted during PPVs. Anyone who agrees should like Aids' post so we can get a consensus. Anyone who disagrees can state why.
  5. Brita you're making me blush
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  6. Black people don't blush. :true: :lol1:
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  7. What you should have done - is post in the thread i made.

    The vote is pretty clearly in the favor of change, period.
  8. I have a problem with threads being closed right before I bury Jonathan with this response:

    I would be in the same spot challenging for the IC title you tool. Because I reached out to Sir Lee and he agreed it would be a great feud. Dat Kid just said champions can defend against who they want, so stop contradicting yourself you fucking half wit. You can't say "Competitors need to book feuds" and then say "you wouldn't be in this match" because two competitors agreed to it, so according to your own logic it would have happened just the same no matter who was "booking" the division because you are only there for storyline purposes; Hence: you are exactly the fucking moron Kid was saying has sprung up being confused on what the role of creative actually is. Because, like always, you've confused yourself for actually being more important than you actually are you stupid power hungry ****.
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  9. Finally, a voice of reason.

    I've closed all the other threads on the matter.

    Regarding Aids point about the dark matches during PPVs, that rule isn't being enforced because people voted against it. Hence why there is currently 2-3 dark matches happening during this Uprising.
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  10. Nothing is wrong with trying something new. I don't get why people get so mad. This is a section for fun. Not to be taken seriously.
  11. Do not know what to say...
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  12. Open my thread, and let the IWT people speak for themselves.
  13. :hmm:

    But you just said something :happy:
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  14. Are you mentally challenged? this thread is getting people to speak instead of just voting on a poll.

    I despair.
  15. We have no voice. THAT is the problem. When people speak out everyone is silenced. Jonathan confuses himself as some all encompassing force behind what needs to happen in IWT and its bullshit. Remove him from his position of power.
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  16. What is better than a vote? Who are you trying to kid here?
  17. If Sir Lee wants to fight you he can do so. It's his choice to pick his opponent(s). That's been the rule since day one. I will disregard the shot at Jonathan, but I will say he should take note at that everything you are saying is backed by IWT rule.
  18. Or I'm trying to keep it all in this thread now. You have a voice here, OP is asking you what is wrong, you aren't telling.
  19. Problem solved, what's next?
  20. lmao so everyone needs to speak against you or deal with it?

    This is bullshit at the very least. You closed the other thread because i was clearly winning. What is wrong is simple, you are abusing your power.
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