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  1. *Nowinksi is with Lord Lee in the medical*

    Nowinski: Lee...Do you remember any of the match you had with Kaizer (@Bill Clinton )

    Lee: Hit me in head, eyes fuzzy, I lose

    *Lee overdramatically frowns as Nowinski rubs his face

    Nowinski: For God sakes... I don't know what to do, you're obviously suffering after being inflicted with a horrific concussion, that dirtbag Kaizer needs to be taught a lesson.

    Lee: How Helsinki?

    *Nowinski sighs*

    Nowinski: It's...It's New-in-ski. Ok..... So, what we need to do is simpler than getting into Havard Uni, I fix your brain trauma, re teach you how to wrestle....And then, you win your belt back.


    Nowinski: He's NOT a Nazi for Christ sake! We may as well chill for the night. You still remember your Netflix password?

    Lee: Yes; BenDover69....Lazy, didn't change it.

    Nowinski: Sweeeeet. Let's go.

    *They leave as Nowinski shakes his head, they get into Nowinski's Bugatti Veyron and leave.*
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