Storyline Confessions of a Menace

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    The arena goes black and the face of a black cat appears on the titantron.
    Eminems Wicked Ways hits the speakers and once the hook ends Marcus Anthony walks out with Britanica. She has two black cats following her one on each side as Marcus is once again behind her with one hand on her shoulder looking at the ground with his hoody over his head. She leads him to the ring and he gets to the steps when she whispers in his ear and pulls his hoody up and slaps him across the face. She laughs and hands him a mic.*

    *Marcus looks around at the crowd and they start to boo heavily*

    Marcus: I want to thank each and every one of you here tonight. You made me hit rock bottom and left me there without even so much as a thought about me. That is what's wrong with this world. Humanity. It's a cancer that's killing us slowly but surely. There is one individual who not only resurrected me from the depths of hell but gave me a purpose to continue here at IWT. Britanica *crowd continues to boo louder* She made this company from nothing and could've easily picked anyone to be in the position I'm in today. She taught me not to be ashamed of my rage but yet to embrace it.

    It was a gift that had been passed down from my father and his passed down to him. This is my birth right to live up to my fullest potential. Unfortunately for everyone else *Marcus looks around* it typically doesn't end well for them. Now I'm glad that I can do what I do best without shame or regret any more. No more nightmares. No more drinking myself numb. *Marcus looks into the camera with a cold stare* NO MORE MERCY.

    *Marcus drops the mic then rolls out of the ring and drags Announcer 1 away from the announce table and tosses him in the ring. The crowd is booing vehemently as they don't want the announcer to get hurt. The announcer is begging for Marcus to let him go. Marcus has the announcer by the collar of his shirt and swiftly picks him up and delivers the Blackout to him leaving him lifeless in the center of the ring. Marcus stands over his victim and smiles into the camera and Britanica applauds while giving an evil grin. She motions for him to exit the ring and as he follows their entrance theme plays as they exit up the ramp*
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