Storyline Conflicting Thoughts

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  1. *The scene opens up backstage, where we see Joey Bryant sitting in a dim lit locker room with his IWT Title laid across his lap. He's just staring at it, when he slowly picks his head up and sees the camera. He shakes his head and stares back down at the title and begins to speak.*

    "No, I'm not going to go out to that ring. Quite frankly, I'm nervous what the crowd might think about me. I went out after I won this title, keep in mind I was fresh off a controversial victory, and I laid it all out there. I called out some wrestlers, and I called out some fans, and basically no one gave a shit. People wanted to see me with this gold, they so desperately wanted to see Joey Bryant claim his throne. But, I guess winning it at Elimination Chamber wasn't enough. For those doubters around still, listen to me, I'll set you free."

    *Joey pauses and runs his hands on his belt, petting it like a pet.*

    "With everything I've done, I think I'm still myself. I crushed so many superstars dreams to get to this title, a part of me feels guilty. I destroyed FTJ in the ring, I just nearly helped assist in a murder with Dat Kid on Britanica, I killed a lot of people's hopes. It took 9 months to get this title, 9 long months, and now I hold it. It feels a lot different than I thought it would. I thought I'd feel on top of the world when in reality I feel like I'm slowly sinking to hell. I no longer feel like the martyr I once was, fighting for guys like myself, no. I feel like I'm fighting for myself, I have no true allies, too many true enemies. All the price that I got to pay with becoming a champion. This company has my soul but I won't let them take the rest of me, I'm still Joey Bryant. Making this money from being champion, but blowing it all. Then I got guys saying "You wouldn't be here if it wasn't for me." Fuck what you did, you can't show me any results. I got this far alone. Let me tell you what everyone's been saying."

    *He sits up and looks into the camera.*

    "You were the new guy on the block, the underdog, who the fuck is this IWT Champion? The name says Joey Bryant, Mr.New Kid on the Block, but we see a different person."

    *He pauses for a couple seconds.*

    "That's only the start of it. Then I tell them who I am, I tell them I AM Joey Bryant. I AM the man they've followed all along, I have not changed! But it continues... They'll say "Oh you're Joey Bryant? Now my mind may deceive me but the fact of the matter is you're NOTHING like Joey Bryant. You're a fraud! Just a mere representation of the great man that once was! He faded away long ago when he aligned himself with Satan, he may call him God but behind God's motives there's a deeper meaning. One Joey Bryant is not prepared for, he disappeared a long time ago. I liked you better when you were the new kid on the block, before all this martyr and God bull crap, who the fuck is Joey Bryant?"

    *Joey shakes his head and stands up quickly. He punches the wall near him and picks up his title and slings it over his shoulder. He slaps it furiously as he walks back and forth, pacing in front of the camera.*

    "Ladies and Gentlemen the show has only just begun! Joey Bryant has not left the building, you critics are making my nerves hurt. Things are turning real, people are all beginning to doubt, like I'M the one changing?! They bitch and they pout. Look, none of you can stop me, I'm going hard. At school I was a zero and now I'm everybody's hero. Bruce Knight throws out the little challenge to take me on at IWTmania, he doesn't know what's coming. This company doesn't know what's coming, they never will. It's controlled by one man, that man being... fuck it, Joey Bryant has left the building."

    *He pushes the camera and it falls on the floor. You see his feet walking away as the scene fades.*
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  2. OOC-Which member of "New Kids On The Block" are you?
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  3. OOC - Definitely not Donnie.
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