Confrontation with top talent leads to creative changes

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  1. Who has the balls to say this to Vince? Cena would be slightly ironic.

  2. Probably is Cena or Punk tbh.
  3. I would say that they are the two most likely yeah, not that many have that much background cloth. Undertaker would be possible if he was on the road but him being a part timer takes him out of the equation.
  4. It echo's what Punk said about Vince in the one on one promo they had with each other during the MITB build up, so I'd currently bet quite a lot of money on it being Punk. Though I've heard multiple times that Cena acts like this with Vince and isn't the asslicker many people think he is, so yeah.
  5. Cena or Punk obviously.
  6. I could totally see Curt Hawkins walking into Vince's office and ranting about stuff. When Curt talks, people listen.
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  7. I haven't read all the other posts yet, but I could see Punk saying all that to Vince. After all, he has the balls to say what nobody else will. Also, Punk has mentioned in the past that he has his finger on the pulse of WWE or the WWE Universe, so I could see him using that line with Vince.
  8. Could be Orton. He wanted to come back as a heel and is upset they didnt let him id imagine
  9. Nope it was none of those names, it was Hornswoggle. :jeritroll:
  10. ^ The formerly-anonymous GM? :shock:
  11. Most likely CM Punk did it. CM Punk always speaks his mind and obviously doesn't get in trouble with anybody. He was the one to also call out Chris Brown and not give a fuck about it, so this is no surprise.
  12. Precisely; agreed. That's another reason I like him so much.
  13. Either Cena or Punk probably, indeed. It was a needed wake-up call for Vince.
  14. Probably was Tyson Kidd.
  15. :laugh:
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