Congrats Dortmand!

Discussion in 'Sports' started by Crayo, May 12, 2012.

  1. Won the German cup today against Bayern Munich 5-2 I think it was. Absolutely destroyed them. They've seriously became a top, top German team. It's a shame that Man United are taking one of their best players (Kagawa) :emoji_stuck_out_tongue:!!
  2. Shameful Result!!! What A Shame!!
  3. Dominated you mate. Best German team by miles. Well, not sure if they will be next year with a few of their players going (rumour though). Kagawa has practically signed for United though.
  4. Dortmund has been slaughtering Bayern for 3 seasons in a row now! What a shame! Now Bayern Dortmund is the Madrid - Barca of Germany! Unacceptable result!
  5. But to be fair they done it through promoting youth and creating some world class players. Gotze in a few years will be the Ozil of German football. Kagawa looks like he'll be the leading creative midfielder for Manchester United. Proper talent. Bayern need some competition in what otherwise is a really easy league. I know as a Bayern fan though you must be pissed but they just have your number at the moment.

    Bayern in my opinion need to sign some young players. Robben and Ribery are getting older (still class though) as is Mr Shweinsteiger.
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