Storyline Connections.

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  1. The Camera Pans around a room lit with candles, stone walls, cement flooring, and a man sitting in the middle of the room with the candles around him. Covered in a a mask he begins to speak.

    "How did it feel to watch me struggle as you brutally assaulted one of my dearest friends, i bet you're playing it off as jealously. As if he didn't deserve the connection of knowing me. Isn't that right, Trip? but you are a man of all connections. You were once the face of this organization. You ran this place as a king and now look at you, resorting to under hand tactics to try and bring me down and become one of you guys. The thing is i was one of you, Trip. I was loyal, every single member in that stable was loyal and you went ahead and you stabbed it in the back with no remorse... no consideration as to how the former members would feel. And how did you play it off? of course by attacking an innocent man who scored an innocent victory over your stable. "

    The Candles begin to go out, one by one, creating a dark blue atmosphere glaring upon the stone walls.

    "Face it. You were humiliated by your understudy, your precious stable couldn't touch me with a ten foot poll because you know i am the next big thing to happen to this company, and dare i take someone up there with me you have to bring them back down because you feel you a worthy of something more from me. You had connections, Trip and you resorted in lowering yourself to inferior connections. Does it feel grand? do you like it? Well you should because that's EXACTLY where you belong and come the euro championship tournament i am going to make you grovel for the things you said and did... There's no turning back and to those who will be participating. watch carefully because you are going to see exactly what happens when someone crosses a line they shouldn't. I will reign victorious and i will be the next champion and i dare you all to step to me... because it will be the last step you mortals will take."

    The last candle goes out and the room fills with darkness. ​
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