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    The scene is set in an unknown forest in the winter time however no snow is visible. Dead leaves cover the ground and bare trees surround the scene. The camera seems to be resting on the ground. A man in a tan coat and jeans walks out in front of the camera and kneels down and faces the shot. He's far away but his face is visible. A white mask which is jagged around the edges covers only his nose and eyes. The long dark hair and now scruffy beard reveal the man as Rayn. He opens his mouth to speak and his breath is heard as if he was right next to the camera.

    Y'know, it's actually kinda irresponsible how I expected things to be different. How...I predicted you to know your role. However, you wrecked what was mine once again. Eventhough you had the opportunity to make things right, come out and act like a modest somebody you had to get agitated and provoke a fight. Not in any way did you change. All you had to do was sit in the back and stay out of my damn way but knowing your selfish desires you had to take my moment like you always have. At Least one thing is different now. At least now I have kept you down at your status for long enough for me to have to some soundness here. You, have nothing and nobody here. You think that because you're a name somewhere else that automatically you can waltz in here and claim your spot? Trust me, I would know better than anyone else that all you're doing is just begging for a disappointment. This isn't easy Lars. You're taking the same path that Trevor Raynor once took and look where he is now.

    Rayn spreads his hands around in the piles of dead leaves and smiles

    He's dead. You are not smart enough to see your fate that I've laid out for you because you are more selfish than he was. You wonder why he left you down at the bottom, It wasn't for personal gain or because he was looking to betray you it was because, he was better then you Lars. And if you wonder how that's any different from the other individual that I have to deal with then here it is. Me and Jwab had a covenant that he broke. He assured to be on my party and all he was doing by that was letting me hold on to a false hope in order to take the fast lane to gold. He took advantage of a man that was threat to his success and put him on a shelf for as long as he could. You and me Lars, well what were we? Just a couple of inexperienced simpletons who had the same dream? You're just too selfish to realize that you don't always get what other people have. I never promised you anything and now you're just coming back accusing me of treason because now I have something. You're like a girl who accuses rape on a big personality. You're feeble. Well atleast you're not totally pathetic, you managed to do this...

    Rayn points at his broken mask which no longer covers his entire face and only around his eyes. The ends of the mask are jagged and rough due to the nature it was broken.

    You took me down a peg. but this is all you'll ever do. When you spiral out of control with your new found fame, you'll realize you're out of your element here. That's what happened to Trevor Raynor and soon you'll be down here with him.

    Rayn spreads his hands over the dead leaves again and smiles as the pictures faints.
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