Storyline Consequences For An Act Of Violence.

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  1. A Camera shows a door appearing on the titantron with voices mumbling.

    "The way you acted was revolting, Regardless on who started the situation you had no right to lay your hands on someone outside of this company. You are suppose to present yourself with dignity and set examples when it comes to the viewers of our show and you did no such thing, You blankly reacted with street mentality, you showed no sign of maturity, and you have yet again put my staff in danger due to your wreckless and relentless behaviour, Now you will march out to that ring and adress to the IWT universe for the reason of displaying such disgusting manners. Now do you have any comments before I dismiss you, Aiden?"

    "They saw the reason, And if it's any consolation he struck first. I simply used self defense. "

    "It doesn't matter who hit who first, the fact of the matter is, is that you are out of control! You have no remorse for my staff, for the equipment you have broken in such a horrible manner! You also have no right to hit anyone who is not signed to a contract with IWT. "

    "So I'm ju..."

    "Did i say you could speak? When you hit someone who isn't signed to a contract here we do have to take legal action, so therefore you will go out there and address the IWT universe and give to them a sincere apology."

    "And If I don't?"

    "Then you will be suspended, Fined And removed from the premises. You're match that you created will be revoked and you will no longer have access to your social media account until further notified."

    "W..ha.. What!?. You can't do that!"

    "Oh Yes I can! You may think you can get away with everything simply because you've been recruited by The Order Of The Night but news flash, Sunshine. There are consequences for your actions. Now you will march out there and follow through with our orders.... NOW!"

    The Camera man backs away as he hears footsteps approaching the door. With a twist on the knob Aiden walks out and closes the door behind him. "Bitch" he mumbles as he walks in the corridors of the backstage environment.

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