Considering moving to TNA time by June 9

Discussion in 'IWT Archives' started by Aidsey Amore, Apr 11, 2013.

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  1. I get it, we are full of WWE fans here. Unfortunately for the casuals, I, your champion, have decided to make the June PPV Slammiversary OUR IWT PPV as well. I would love to just shove this down your throats, but instead we will vote for it.

    Why in april? Do you ask? Well i just wanted to remind @"Senhor perfect" the only reason he was close was because of people like gohan, hoss, and others with personal vendettas, and this time will be a landslide crushing of you, the former champion by Aids, the jock.

    Vote :yes or :no: and put your reasons and ideas on how to make this idea better. I am the champion, and there is no reason we can't follow the TNA ppv schedule instead of WWE, since we all know the better product is live on thursdays.
  2. It won't matter what you want because by the end of April I'll be champion again. Then perhaps I'll make it an RoH schedule :hmm:
  3. In all seriousness though, I like having a PPV every month. Keeps the IWT active and that's what's most important IMO.

    Is the only reason you were within 3 votes of me. Lackin posted a last minute vote with no reasoning with less than a day to go. I beat you, everyone in IWT knew it was going to happen, and i delivered.

    I am going to beat you again, and people are going to laugh at their friends who tell them that Aids Johnson wasnt the first real IWT champion. I'm including you @Seabs and Frank loves cock.
  5. What's that link for?
  6. It's a link on a post randy made showing why he voted for christian, the same as HE TOLD ME he did for you on a post. He voted for a tie hoping he could sneak into #1 after the ppv. Unfortunately for you, i was multiple votes > you. :pity:

    Randy pity voted you. This is why people need to post reasonings with votes, so everyone knows poltics are always involved. :obama:

    Your time was up, my time is now.
  7. Do you know what happens to a balloon when it gets too full of hot air? It pops!

    Thats just what's going to happen to you. Keep blowing yourself up, making yourself feel big. The more you fill yourself up with hot air, the easier it'll be for me to bust you open.

    It'll be so nice to clamp shut that astronomical ego and close that titanic mouth of yours. Just mere days away............your time is running out.
  8. OH HELL :YES:!
  9. Buddy i've only just began to inflate. My reign is far from over, and you are just a stepping stone jobbing in the way from me moving onto better, more worthwhile competition. Might as well call this IWT Kliq, but it's a shame we share userbars :pity:

    After i defeat you, i have a challenge for a real contender, you know your IWT career is quality when you will start vs the champion.
  10. You used you dirty tactics to entice Kid to a match. Smart move, I'll admit, going against the best known jobber in IWT history as your first opponent. But your good luck has run out, you'll be back at the bottom where you belong soon enough.
  11. Correct me if im wrong. You agreed to face from, and i forced it into #1 contenders. Also he holds one of the many, many titles you gave up at WM.

    You are 100% defeated at WM, i dont see where you keep telling me i got lucky. I am the best of the people who beat you and even @Christian knows you held him back. Without @Danielson , you aren't champion of anything.
  12. There you go sucking people off again. I'd rather lose semen free than win full of cream like you did.
  13. I say yes, it doesnt make a difference an adds an extra element of kayfabe. I think its a good idea and i also think you should sell it kayfabe wise
  14. That makes one of us. :obama:
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  15. lol @"senhor perfect" and @danielson ........ @"Jj seabz" you do realize this is going down whether or not i win the poll, right. :boss1:
  16. :dawg: so vote yes in the poll.
  17. Why are people voting no? Lol
  18. :hardcore:
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