conspiracy theories in wwe

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  1. Well, there had to be some Montreal stuff on the top there, makes sense.
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  2. Um, WWE DID loan money to ECW. That's a fact. Jim Cornette, Bruce Pritchard and others (all of whom were part of the WWF booking team back then) have talked about in interviews before, and McMahon himself even admitted to it on the Rise And Fall of ECW DVD from 2004.

    The Montreal Screwjob being a work is a theory that will never die. I don't think it's wholly implausible, but I'll still never buy that what happened that night was anything less than 100% real.

    A few of the others may or may not be true. Not all of them are so vastly improbable or implausible that they just can't possibly be believed. I'm referring namely to McMahon helping covering up the death of Snuka's girlfriend, or Savage giving Hogan a black eye. Hogan's word is the only proof that there's ever been that he obtained the black eye through a Jet Skiing incident (and we all know how good Hogan's word is :haha:), and considering how crazy and intense Savage was in real-life and how he and Hogan's relationship was strained at that point, it's not hard to believe Savage would fly off the handle and clock him instantaneously.
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  3. In reference to the Montreal Screwjob thing, there is the whole backstage footage of Bret being mad and Vince trying to talk to him. I can link it if necessary.
  4. Ain't there one bout Savage and Steph?
  5. Watch Hitman: Wrestling with Shadow's. Bret's wife destroys HHH. Lol.
  6. What's really funny is him standing there denying any prior knowledge or involvement in it, yet years later he admitted that it was actually him who suggested screwing Bret lol.
  7. Two Ultimate Warriors? Maybe, or its possible Jim Hellwig was insane.
  8. It's in the list
  9. Cool. List wouldn't load for me for some reason.
  10. Doesn't help that the link he used takes you directly to #1 in the list. I thought the same thing until I realized I had to start from the beginning of the list.
  11. Oops lol I didn't realise
  12. I imagine you linked it when you got done reading it which is why the link takes you right to #1
  13. Yes lol I think so
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