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Discussion in 'Internet Wrestling Titles' started by Shadow, Aug 11, 2014.

  1. The point of this thread is to ask how you can improve among the federation, and the other competitors can provide you with what they feel like you need to improve on. You can ask about your current character, or a feud you're currently involved in.
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  2. Good Idea! I'll be using this thread often.
  3. Guess I'll start off.

    What's the weakest aspect of my promos?
  4. For me it's the way you seem to focus on other people who aren't in the match, and the way you try to incorporate so many one liners.
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  5. Thanks for the Feedback.
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  6. Gonna bring this back. (What happened to the training gym, Shadow?)
  7. Still down I suppose, got nothing better to do with it. Gonna need to access the OG threads from Kid's. @Solidus, that possible?
  8. You already have access. Sub forum of mod section.
  9. They were the first result, haha. Just lazy. Wanna add me a space for the group? <3
  10. Speaking of groups. Was THG? added to IWT Creative?