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    Dylan Gray is backstage in some sort of corridor wearing a black suit and sunglasses.

    "Ladies and gents I know you don't normally see me like this, but i'm buzzing right now, a NEW start, a NEW opportunity, and some new allies."

    Dylan Gray starts slowly walking down the corridor.

    "And the thing is that it's just getting started, and we're getting stronger, not just in numbers but in power, Ricky Daniels, Al Blizzard, Johnny Thunder, 3 young and hungry competitors that want their time in the spotlight, they're the reason I haven't quit, they didn't only give themselves hope, they gave me hope. But as I said, we're only getting started, I have contacts, and my contacts are strongly considering joining us, and one of them is someone who's wrestled all over the world."

    Gray stops abruptly, looks down and s*****s.

    "I won't give anymore away, but he's damn good, they're damn good should I say."

    Gray starts walking again, he sees a Bullad Club poster and laughs before continuing walking.

    "This isn't a little thing, this is a revolution, we're going to make an impact, we need an impact...."

    Gray takes his glasses off.

    "You know what I mean..."
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  3. The Underappreciated Vs. The Bullad Club
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  4. Nowwww I gotta dig 4 holes
  5. @impactking you better not have joined them...
  6. Social Outcast Vs. Bullet Club? Okeh.