Content of the Sheamus and Daniel Bryan Superstar DVD's

Discussion in 'SmackDown' started by Stopspot, Jul 5, 2012.

  1. These two guys are Smackdown guys on the roster page so this goes here.

    Content of the Sheamus and Daniel Bryan Superstar DVD's

  2. :haha: not buying them
  3. Lol no previous stuff for Bryan? Fuck that.
  4. I'm not surprised there's no previous stuff from them, I mean, would Vince put ROH stuff on his DVDs? :haha:

    It's too early to release those, there's very little material. They'll probably sell because DB and Sheamus have fanbases, but I wouldn't buy them, not enough stuff in my opinion.
  6. Wanted a story on how he's got from RoH (including matches, content etc) to WWE and stuff. Not just random WWE matches and RoH matches.
  7. WWE tends to ignore the existance of other federations on TV, I think they normally do that on their DVDs too. Not sure if ROH is allowed to talk about WWE on their DVDs. So your best chance would be to either wait until one of these things change or try to find Danielson around whenever WWE makes an UK tour and ask him.
  8. Good luck with that dream.