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  1. *The scene opens up in the locker room of IWT Champion Joey Bryant. The room is dimly lit and Datcolytes are spread out around on the floor kneeling to Joey. Joey is pacing back and forth when he begins to preach to them.*

    "This roster has the best wrestlers money can buy. Hell, every wrestler on this roster has their own personal message they'd like to send to me. But, it doesn't matter. Did you know that Joey Bryant was voted the 2013 Breakout star of the year? Did you know Joey Bryant is a two time IWT Champion? Did you know that even the most sophisticated training methods these wrestlers in this company go through, it just doesn't match up to the training I've had? But it doesn't matter, I guess. I just doesn't matter. I tell you now, it doesn't MATTER! Even if we win every match, IF we win, hah! Even if we win, even if we wrestle our hearts out for the people, even if we win gold for the people, even if GOD from Jersey above shines his hand down at our side of the battle, and even if every sane man, woman, and child prayed for us to win, it just wouldn't matter! I just doesn't matter! It just doesn't matter!"

    *The Datcolytes begins chanting "It just doesn't matter!" along with Joey and at the raise of one finger on Joey's hand, they all get quiet.*

    "I am a martyr for these people's beliefs, I'm a martyr for all of your beliefs! I was a martyr for Dat Kid, and now, I've taken over his legacy! You all bow to ME, you all follow the most controversial name this company has ever had the pleasure of being graced with, Joey Bryant! Bow your heads and lie for me, all of us are winners! All it takes is a little belief, and I believe in prayer. Please, bow your heads and throw up your lighters."

    *They all pull out lighters and light them in the air and wave them back and forth with their heads bowed as Joey bows his head as well.*

    "I pray that one day, Dat Kid shows up here again and wins more gold along the side of myself, and by himself. I pray Alias Antonio fights for the second generation, that he doesn't fight for the worthless Order. I pray Chris Kaizer's soul is saved by a higher being, I pray this company changes once again for the better, I pray for this IWT Championship, I pray for Bruce Knights pathetic career, I pray for Farooq's delusional thoughts on winning my gold, I pray for the world that they open their eyes and witness the greatest competitor that's ever breathed Oxygen JOEY BRYANT!"

    *They all extinguish their flames at once and Joey smirks and nods his head.*

    "This is going to be one hell of a time... we'll rule this company the only way Joey Bryant can..."

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  2. A sleeping Datcolytes is seen in the corner, he wakes up after Joey is done talking. The Datcolytes is actually Chris Kaizer

    Oh hey, Joey. You know what I pray for? Nothing, but I do hope for things. I hope you would have already seen it by now. I guess not. They say you can't teach an old dog new tricks, guessing I can't teach you to forget. Forget about Dat Kid, he is gone. Unless you plan on one of these Datcolytes tagging with you...all you have is...

    Kaizer throws on a big smile and points to him self with his thumbs

    Yep, I know, I have a perfect smile. I also have a perfect record at predicting the future. There are two ways Joey, lose or win. It all depends on what you chose, me...or someone who ran home with his tail between his legs and won't show up. You know, I don''t understand why I bother with you, because you are so clearly, clearly ignorant. You won't listen to reason. Dat Kid has brainwashed you into believing in religion, I feel bad for you.

    You talk about how the world needs to open it's eyes. No, Joey, you need to. You need to open your eyes to the truth, and the truth of the matter is Joey, Kaizer/Bryant vs Rock 'N Roll Desperadoes. That's the truth, the match card needs to read Kaizer/Bryant, for you to become tag champ. That's the truth my friend. Dat Kid leaving you because he got his ass handed to him by Alias Antonio, that's the truth. I am all you got, that's the truth. You need to take me in as your tag partner, that's the truth.

    I have given you 2 chances already. They say the third times a charm. So accept the truth. Open your eyes.
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  3. *Joey looks furious and stares right at Kaizer and then at the rest of the Datcolytes. He points to the door.*

    "ALL OF YOU! OUT!"

    *Nobody moves.*


    *All the Datcolytes at once stand up and scurry out the door.*

    "Except... you."

    *He points at Kaizer and stares at him for a few seconds.*

    "I'm not signing autographs at the moment, I'm not sure why... oh wait, that's right, you're not just a crazy fan, you're Chris Kaizer. The sleeping failure that sleeps so much only to cover up his failures. The same Chris Kaizer that has failed in every division he's been in and the Chris Kaizer that thinks he's worthy enough to team with Joey Bryant."

    *Joey slowly walks over to the corner of the room and picks up his IWT Title off a chair. He holds it up on the opposite side of the room of Kaizer.*

    "Do you see this? Will you ever realize who I am? A 2x IWT Champion teaming up with a 0x anything champion, it just doesn't make sense! It goes against everything I believe in. But, the way you keep interrupting me out of no where, you intrigue me, you must really have this planned out. You actually remind me a little of Dat Kid, you don't give up, but Dat Kid actually got his jobs done. I remember him coming to me in January and basically telling me I was the next big thing in this company, it'd be a smart move to team with him and I shoved him off a few times until I finally relinquished my services. It was a smart move, hell, look what came out of it! Maybe you're on to something, but at the same time, I don't team with wanna-bes, losers, hypocrites, liars, or fat chicks. You fit in almost all of those categories, so once again, I'm going to have to decline."

    *Joey stares at Kaizer one more time before turning and walking to the door. He turns around and notices Kaizer still standing there and storms back in and slowly walks up to him.*

    "To tell you the truth, and I have no idea why I'm telling you this, but I haven't seen Dat Kid still. I hear from him, I mean of course I always hear from him, his words are always running through my mind. But right now, I'm not too sure what he'd want. I pray for the one day he returns and decides to win the tag gold with me but at the same time, I have doubts even myself that God will shine his light down on my head again. Whatever his intentions are, I know it's for the better, and maybe, just MAYBE, it's time I start looking for someone to replace him. But who in this world could replace Dat Kid? It's hard to pick anyone. But, I guess I'll have to take a downgrade at this point."

    *He looks at Kaizer up and down.*

    "Convince me. Promise me we'll become tag team champions, make me think you're someone! Make a man of yourself instead of a sleeping baby."
  4. Kaizer smirks before beginning to speak

    I have a match against 1/2 of the tag champs, let's make a deal, if I beat him, you have to tag with me, if I lose, you still have to tag with me because I am the only guy you got. And to be honest, you don't have any room to talk about not succeeding in a division. The only reason you had that title in the first place was because Aids basically handed it over. I earn my championships. Just like how, if you accept, I will earn the tag titles with you. I highly doubt Spinzz and Andrew will hand over the titles like Aids did. To be honest, Dat Kid is lazy, if he lost again, he might commit suicide or even order you to crucify him. Don't want that now, do we? But what you do want, is the tag titles, yeah yeah, I can give you tag titles, only need to shake my hand and drift off to sleep with me until our match.

    I know, you must be really annoyed with me rambling on about the tag titles and such, but I need to ram it down your throat as hard as I can so you understand, and it seems like you are starting to, you need a new partner. Be it me, or you take Frie back...which would be a career suicide, picking me, would be possible career suicide but I heard sleep relieves stress...

    I can promise you 3 things, Dat Kid is gone, you need me, and that we will win the tag titles. But I a man, I am the sandman, minus the smoking and tattoos and kendo sticks.

    I really hope you come around, I'll give you until after my match at Uprising to make your decision, I hope you make the right decision.

    Chris Kaizer starts to slowy dance backwards as the saxophone from Careless Whisper starts to fade in. Kaizer dances out of the locker room and down the hallway.
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