Storyline Contract Signing - Christian Vs. Jwab

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  1. Commentator 1: How crazy are the fans here tonight?
    Commentator 2: They're pretty crazy! Ladies and Gentlemen, as you can see in the ring, the crew is setting up to what is going to be a contract signing between Christian and Jwab.
    Commentator 1: Yes, their rivalry beginning as early as February when Jwab got the World Heavyweight Champion suspended which caused him to forfeit his title.
    Commentator 2: Christian has every right to be mad. He lost his prestigious title because of a fault that wasn't even done by him. This should be reviewed by the board of directors, I tell ya!

    Christian walks through the curtains to a huge mixed reaction.
    He stumbles his way down to the ring and yells, "
    I AM ALIVE!" notably taking a shot at Dat Kid.
    Christian walks into the ring, sits down by the table and grabs his mic as he awaits Jwab.

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    *Jwab walks out and the crowd roars for him. He smiles and makes his way to the ring, sits down, and grabs a mic*

  3. Commentator 1 walks into the ring.

    Commentator 1: Gentlemen... as you can see on the table, this is the official contract signing for your match at Wrestlemania II. Now, we have to reach a few agreements between you two.

    Christian looks on at the contract and starts skimming through it as the commentator speaks.
    He throws the contract back on the table and picks up his microphone.

    Christian: Hey! I understand what I'm here for, so just shut your mouth for a second.

    Christian stays silent for a good 15 seconds

    In April of 2014...

    Christian walks into the grandest stage of them all, in front of 10's of thousands of fans from across the globe, he competes at WRESTLEMANIA... in the middle of the card...

    Christian looks up at the big Wrestlemania II sign in resent

    You know, I'm sick of you people...
    I'm sick of you people, I'm sick of this company and the people within it.

    The crowd starts boo'ing

    So what I'm about to do...

    Christian places his feet onto the table and leans back on his chair.

    I'm going to get a few things off my chest, so just bare with me here you two...

    For some strange unknown reason... people still to this day think that I'm all hype, that I don't live up to their expectations, that I'm nothing special. But the reality of it is... is that all of those PEOPLE are the same people who think that they're top talent, that they deserve that spot that I hold. And it's embarrassing actually... for them. They talk about how I've won all my matches by default, how I never deserved to be world champion, yet what boggles my mind is... is it really my fault that my opponents decided to not show up during my matches? Is it my fault that TOP TALENT were too afraid to face me?

    Christian presses his lips together to moisturize them.

    Why don't we rewind all the way back to Extreme Rules 2013, alright? Where I was going to face the former European Champion, Baraa and the former IWT Champion, Frank the Jock! What happened to those two? Baraa was nowhere to be seen and Frank got suspended for inappropriate behavior. And when I stepped up to the plate and said, "Listen! Let him have his match", you all knocked down my request and said that he had to abide the IWT rules! So did I win by default? Yes. Did I intend to win that way? NO!

    I am ready for a match EACH and EVERY NIGHT when I'm informed about it, yet YOU are the same people who complain and bitch about it every time you get the chance!

    That wasn't enough for you, was it? Alright, now why don't we fast forward a bit when I had made my triumph return in September of 2013. You remember? I have my huge return and I'm ready for a fight against the former owner of IWT, Britanica at Night of Champions...

    And Dat Kid... decides to leave the company...

    Christian sweeps his hand against his jaw

    Not only does he leave, but he takes his little circle jerk, Danielson and Britanica along side with him. And after his unsuccessful run with the shithole of a company he created, FSW, he thinks he can waltz back here in IWT and act like nothing happened!? All of you are so damn lucky that Jonathan was willing to give you another shot, because if I was in his shoes, the day you left would have been the last time you were seen within this company!

    That wasn't enough for you either, was it? Team Jonathan Vs. Team Dat Kid!

    Christian laughs for a bit

    I'm not sure if you recall this, but I was actually a part of that match. I was.

    I was the FIRST man out from my team and I faced FOUR other competitors on my own until another one of my team members finally showed up!

    I was fighting alone for HALF the battle and I held my own because I CAN AND BECAUSE I'M JUST THAT DAMN GOOD! Yet, you selfish, ignorant, clueless and obnoxious people think that I am nothing special?!

    I was part-owner of IWT and having matches that I shouldn't even have had! I was double tasking and yet people don't get see me as the huge star that I am! I don't preach to people that I'm special. I'm the real deal, what you see is what you get. And after countless of complaints and shots thrown at me... I still stand in the middle of this ring ready to do my job!

    Crowd reaction starts changing as they cheer on Christian

    Dat Kid! My ambitions will become a reality whether you like it or not. I still have my rematch clause and if you think you can find a loophole through me and pretend that it never happens, oh, you've got another thing coming!

    And THANK YOU... thank you for choosing George as your opponent for the World Heavyweight Champion! I know how hard it must've been to do decline my rematch clause I still had intact, to face an undeserving ego maniac like George, because YOU think it will sell and is best for business!

    That's right, the same guy who ran FSW thinks that him and a part-timer who appears 30 times less than I do, will sell! You don't even sell well in merchandising, but here you are making decisions on your own. And it's surprising to ME that you make accusations like I did drugs and so I had to pay the price! But the thing is... didn't the man sitting in front of me reveal that he had drugged me so I wouldn't be able to compete for my championship?

    Christian looks onto Jwab

    Jwab, you admitted that right? Elimination Chamber literally during the match Dat Kid was in?

    Jwab looks on at Christian but doesn't react

    So if you, Dat Kid can't recall that night from Elimination Chamber, I'm going to request that you be tested for drugs. Because you're on some nex level sh*t if you can't remember 4 weeks back and you are insane if you think you're going to bury me spouting bullsh*t like that! So if YOU PEOPLE really think that I'm all HYPE, I dare you to come and challenge me. I've never ran away from a fight and I am willing to starts wars if you dare try and mock me! You know what you competitors in the back are? Afraid. You're afraid to battle one of the greatest entity in the biz-a-ness today!

    Christian looks at Jwab right in the eye

    Jwab... I never asked for this fight, you brought it upon yourself. What you're about to get, Jwab... is The Instant Classic, Captain Charisma, the longest reigning World Heavyweight Champion in all of IWT, CHRISTIAN!

    And I will once and for all show to each and everyone of you that I've deserved everything that was given to me, the opportunities that made me! And what you are about to witness in 2 weeks time is the wrath... of Christian, BECAUSE THAT'S HOW I ROLL!

    Christian slams his microphone on the table and signs the contract
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  4. *Jwab is sitting there on the opposite side of the table. He is wearing a shirt that says "Eat. Sleep. Cure. Repeat." He seems to have his eyes fixed on the contract and he snatches the mic from the table*

    Are you done?

    *Christian mouths off, "I'm not holding a mic, am I?"*


    You know, Christian. I don't think you're hype. I don't. I think you've earned everything in this business.

    *Christian mouths off, "I don't need your pity."*

    I'm not trying to give you any. I find that I'm on a similar boat as you. People don't see me as main event material. Apparently people didn't see the big mark I left on in the Elimination Chamber match. And because of that, I'm forced to be in a match with you.

    *Christian mouths off, "And whose fault is that?"*

    Lets face it, you don't respect me! You don't respect me, I can see it in your face that you're not happy that I'm standing in the same ring as you! But guess what? I don't really need your respect! Because I've earned the respect by someone else. You know whose respect I've earned?

    *Jwab points at the crowd with the mic. The crowd goes wild*
    Their respect! I've earned the respect of each and every member in the IWT Universe and as long as I have their respect, it doesn't matter if anyone in the back doesn't.

    *For some reason, Jwab stops talking and bites his lip as he looks at the crowd. Their cheers are louder than him on the mic. They keep on chanting "Jay-Wab"

    I don't really want to tell you what I actually think but... it seems that I have to since it's obvious that you are more focused on Dat Kid and George than your opponent at Wrestlemania. Well, since you got to go on a little detour and talk about other people.... it seems I can too.

    *Looks at the Wrestlemania II sign*

    Dat Kid chose a man that lost to Senhor and quit........ to me... that's pretty damn disappointing. He could have chose anyone... like yours truly. Or he could have had a match with Victoria Parker.... or he could have chose Alias and took a should be main eventer and give him his main event shot. But instead, he chooses someone that got so arrogant that when he loses... he leaves for 6 months so what makes the people think that if he even wins... he'll stay? No... knowing George.... he'll scurry away like the deceptive rat he is.....

    *Christian points at Jwab and mouths "Like you". Jwab smiles and points at himself*
    Like me? I think the only person in this ring that resembles a rat is you.

    *Jwab gets a pop from the crowd while Jwab smiles*
    That's right. Now, I just want to let you know... that the second I sign... this here contract...

    *grabs the pen and starts tapping the contract with the pen*

    There will be NO going back.. for you or for me. So.... I got one question for you.... Are you ready for the beating because once I sign this...... you're done for.

    *Christian doesn't look like he cares while Jwab signs it*
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  5. Christian picks up his mic while Jwab signs the contract

    Christian: Interesting story you had there, Jwab. Interesting story...

    I'm glad that you don't need my respect. I probably would have never gave it to you anyway. And don't worry, I'm not turning back from this match. I hope you haven't forgotten what you made me lost. So with that said, lets make this match a little interesting.

    Christian pulls out a contract from his pocket

    This is a contract that goes along for this match. It's my... personal contract. But these terms and condition differ from that contract that you just signed. See, what this contract has... is a stipulation. And that stipulation is, if I beat you... you become my bitch! You do my laundry, you park my car, you shine my boots, you do ANYTHING I ask! You want to prove to the world that you belong at this stage with the wolves? Sign this contract!

    Christian slams the contract on the table
  6. *Grabs the contract that Christian has offered and he looks at the crowd. The crowd is chanting "SIGN IT" and Jwab gives them a smile*

    So, let me get this straight.... you want me to pretty much put my whole career on the line.... in a regular match?

    *Christian nods and mouths "Yeah" in a very sarcastic looking tone*

    I think.... if WE are gonna put our careers on the line.... it's gotta be on one condition.

    *Stops talking for a second and his smile gets bigger*
    This match... has to steal the show... and I have an offer that you can't pass up. It's gotta be exciting... groundbreaking..... something that has never been done before in IWT...

    *The crowd has no idea what's coming up and they are sitting on the edge of their seats*

    We take this contract and we hang it 20 feet above the ring.....

    *The crowd goes wild*
    No pinfalls. No submissions.... and most of all..... NO DISQUALIFICATIONS. EVERYTHING IS ON THE LINE.... in a LADDER MATCH!

    *Crowd goes wild and Jwab stands up*

    We will never be the same after Wrestlemania. Whether you like it or not. I'm putting EVERYTHING that I have in this match and you have as much as a chance of "Big Jizz" of walking out the winner of this match!

    *Signs the contract*
  7. Christian looks onto Jwab and the crowd with no care in the world

    Christian: Jwab... to me it doesn't matter what type of match you make it. You can make it a steel cage match, a hell in a cell match, a tables match, it doesn't matter. Because at the end of the day, there will be one man standing high holding a contract and the other man waiting for their leash to be put on. And that other man, will be you. So do all us a favor and sign that contract!
  8. *Signs the contract and stands up....*
    See you at Wrestlemania......... bitch.
    *Extends hand for handshake*
  9. Christian looks on at Jwab's hand as the crowd chants, "Shake his hand!"
    Christian nods his head and spits on Jwab's face.

    Christian: See you at Mania, bitch!

    Christian exits the ring and walks his way to the back.
    Jwab wipes the spit off his face.
  10. [​IMG]
    "Who will walk out the winner? Who will walk out the slave of his opponent? Tune in at WRESTLEMANIA 2"​
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