Storyline Contract Signing for Night Of Champions

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  1. *The lights have been out for 5 minutes but the lights come back on and the crowd is surprised. The ring is set up for some sort of contract signing. There is a huge picture with a curtain over it that no one can see. Jwab is sitting in one of the chairs just spinning around. Waiting for his que to talk. Jwab stops his chair. Grabs a mic and begins to speak while sitting next to the table.*

    Hola mi amigos! I bet you are wondering what is going on here.... but no need to worry. I will give you the quick run down. I am out here tonight to sign this contract right here and set up not just one big match from Night Of Champions but to help set up a ground breaking prequel to a match at Hell In A Cell! But, let me get this started...

    *flips a page on the contract and starts to lip the words he sees*

    At Night Of Champions, The Jwab aka me everybody if you didn't know. But you should know, I was in the biggest movie of the summer. By the way, the movie is called Protectors Of The Universe and we have been the number one movie in the box office for six weeks! Okay? Just telling you guys, oh and may I also add this fun fact. We have finally hit half a billion dollars and hell, we haven't even opened in China guys! Get pumped... so where was I here.

    *finds where he was on the page and then he just closes it and looks at the hard camera*

    At Night Of Champions, I, The Jwab, challenge Victoria Parker to a No Holds Barred match. I will place my X-Division title on the line and the only expectation I have from you is that you do the same but with your title. Pretty much what I'm trying to do here.... is make history. I want something that makes Night Of Champions MEAN Night Of Champions. What better way to do that then have a champion versus champion match. With both titles on the line. You guys like that? Of course, you guys like that.... BUT that is not all.

    *The crowd is like "Oh my god Jwab, why are you so awesome. What else do you have in store for us?"*

    I did promise that bum Trevor and that kid with personal problems a triple threat at Night Of Champions behind the scenes but Little Lee was also given a Hardcore title shot that was supposed to happen right now as we speak. But, myself and my agents have successfully pulled some strings... at Night Of Champions, we will have Trevor.... versus Aiden Ryan.... versus Little Lee! Yes that is right, yours truly has booked two match of the year candidates in a span of five minutes, how is that? OH yeah, that's pretty awesome if you ask me. Now, if someone would just come out here and confirm all of -----.

    *Music of someone interrupting hits*

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  2. I'd prefer if you, or anyone else, waited until the card was actually announced before doing these :lol1:
  3. I get your point (contract signings AFTER card is announced does make sense), but he did talk to me before doing this thread. Just FYI.
  4. OOC - Sorry Jono, I didn't know if you guys knew the plans and I actually did this so it would be on the finished card. I don't know if that makes sense. My apologies.

  5. *The illustrious IWT GM walks through the curtain after his name is yelled in the song. He makes his way to the ring quickly, not paying any mind to the fans. He gets to ringside and pulls himself up on the apron while eyeing Jwab and the setup in the ring. He shakes his head from side to side slowly before ducking through the ropes. He asks for Jwabs mic with an extended hand and Jwab hands it to him*

    TRIP: So our little Hollywood A-lister is now also a booking manager too eh? You know, you just irritate me Jwab. The only A-list I have you on is the titled 'Assholes'. The only reason your movie is doing so well is due to that super hot lead actress that plays your love interest - like a woman of that caliber would EVER be interested in a schmuck like you in the real world. And now here you are trying to place yourself in a champion vs champion match with IWT's very own leading lady because you know thats the only way she would ever interact with you. But, while I can say that I like the idea of seeing IWT's only female on the roster beat your sorry, no acting ability having ass, since when do you have the authority to make arrangements like this over me and my creative team hmmmm? I suppose those other 3 superstars who were SUPPOSED TO HAVE these matches will have another chance to shine amongst themselves.

    *Trip has a troubled look on his face*

    I'm really at a crossroads here. I know - lets see what the IWT universe has to say.

    *crowd pop*

    Now how do you guys feel about the ol' asshole lister here, Jwab?

    *mixed crowd reaction*

    Would you guys like to see a no holds barred match between Jwab and Victoria Parker at Night of Champions!?

    *crowd erupts with a positive reaction as Trip looks back at Jwab with a scowl*

    Fine, there you have it. You can have your match with Victoria if she comes down here, accepts, and signs this piece of garbage contract you had drawn up.

    *Trip stares hard at Jwab*

    But if you EVER pull some shit like this behind my back again you'll find yourself 'protecting the universe' for real because I will kick your ass SO hard you will end up ripping free from this planet's gravitational pull and floating free through said universe, you no talent piece of trash!

    *Trip throws the mic back at an unsuspecting Jwab and it hits his chest and falls to the mat. Trip exits the ring and takes a seat near the timekeepers area to wait and see if Victoria Parker comes out to accept the challenge*

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    @Hollywood Jwab and @CrayJ Lee - have at it
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  6. No problem