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  1. *Jack Lux is standing outside of a house in an undisclosed location front of his 73' Stingray.*

    Jack Lux: Okay, Camera Guy, I know It took awhile, but *In Bray Wyatt voice* we're here. *Lux laughs* This is Braeden Cross' house. It pretty big.

    Camera Guy: That's what she said.*Camera Guy laughs*

    *Lux give Camera Guy a disapoving look.*

    Jack Lux: Anyways,*Lux look at the camera while walking backwards towards the house* it took me awhile to find this place, but I found it. So I think being that Mr. Cross isn't here I think I'll take a little look inside

    *Lux turns around once reaching the door, he pull out a bobby pin and a screwdriver, and beings lockpicking the door.*

    Jack Lux: Normally this would be illegal, but this is wrestling.

    *Lux gives the camera a little wink before pushing the door open.*

    Jack Lux: Now that we're in... let's take a look around.

    *Lux and Camera Guy begin to walk around. First into his living room where there was nothing out of the ordinary. Then they walk down the hall into his bedroom.*

    Jack Lux:
    Well nothing noteworthy so far, but I'm sure we'll find his porn collection or something.*Lux Open bedroom door* Okay this must be his bedroom.*Lux looks around* Let's start with the closet.*Lux opens closet and pulls out a crate and opens it.* Huh I pegged Braeden as more of a Playgirl kinda guy, but I guess I wrong. Camera Guy you probably shouldn't point the camera at this it's not PG. God damn, the pages are super sticky. Okay,*Lux gets up.* if he has this shit I wonder what's on his computer?

    *Lux and Camera Guy walks towards Cross' computer and Lux turns it on.*

    Jack Lux: Shit... it's password protected.

    *Just as Lux says that the door opens and Braeden Cross walks into his room.

    Jack Lux: Hey man... umm what's your password?


  2. Cross sees Lux at his computer.
    Braeden Cross: Luxy, to what do I owe the pleasure? No, really, what the fuck are you doing in my house, you ****? You seem to think this is my room... mine's over there dude...
    Cross points to a locked door that has "Braeden" written on it
    Braeden Cross: Yo, I don't know why you're in my housemate's room, but I don't think he'll appreciate you fucking around with his porn collection. Believe me, I'm not even sure as to why he's into that. I don't even know why you're here. And frankly, I don't appreciate it. And get this stupid fuck with a camera out of my face.
    Cross grabs the cameraman by the face and slams him into the wall before low blowing Jack Lux and walking outside with the camera and a baseball bat in hand.
    Braeden Cross: You see Jack, it's high time you figure out that you don't fuck with Braeden Cross. This '73 Stingray looks nice, it'd be a shame if someone were to...
    Cross throws the very expensive camera right through the windscreen of the Stingray. Surprisingly the camera survives this and has a shot of Cross desecrating the stingray with the baseball bat.
    Braeden Cross: Oh Luxxxxyyyyyyy! You and your little boyfriend might want to come out and see this....
    Cross smashes more windows of the car as Lux walks out and goes for the attack...
  3. *Lux runs outside and clothlines Braeden Cross*

    Jack Lux: Not, the fucking car. Okay... umm we're going inside, cause I'm not letting you hurt my car.

    *Lux grabs Cross by the hair and drags him towards his house. Lux throws him throw the front door.*

    Jack Lux: Come on, get on bud. I'm not going to hurt you, I'm just going to break your ribs or something.

    *Lux rips the baseball bat out of Cross' hands and hits him with it over and over.*

    Jack Lux: Come on, Braeden. Just say I Quit and I'll stop that's all you have to do. I'll be on my way after that.

    *Lux hits him with the bat one more time and breaks it on Cross' body. Lux begins to walk away to his car, but Cross grabs his leg and trips him to pull him back inside the house.*
  4. Cross pulls Lux back into the house and begins going to work on the leg he grabbed to drag him in.
    Braeden Cross: You shouldn't have come here motherfucker
    Cross wraps Lux's leg around the metal railings of the stairs and with Lux trapped begins to taunt him.
    Braeden Cross: Looks like the spider's caught himself a couple of flies... Why are you here Jackyboy? Hmm? Nothing? Well alright then...
    Cross leaves the room.
    Cross walks back in with a metal baseball bat

    Braeden Cross: I'm gonna give you to the count of 10 to tell me. On each count, I'm going to hit your knee as hard as I can....
    Cross raises the bat to Lux's knee.
    Braeden Cross: One....
    Cross smacks Lux's knee with the bat as hard as he could. Lux screams in pain.
    Suddenly the bat clanks against the floor as Cross drops to one knee.

    Lux's cameraman: C'mon Jack, you gotta work with me on this, buddy!
    Lux's Cameraman frees Lux and props him on his shoulder.
    Lux's Cameraman: We're getting out of here...
    The camera man runs to the damaged '73 Stingray and clears the glass off of the backseat. The car starts up and speeds off into the night