Storyline Corey makes a call to 811

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  1. *Corey is in his house in Riverdale, The Bronx in NYC, his house actually looks normal, except for the writing all over the walls. sees the Underappreciated promo, picks up his phone, calls 811*

    "Hello 811? Yeah I need the lines in my yard marked I'm starting a digging project, I have careers to bury"

    Corey will begin digging the graves in 2-3 buisness days, Gray and friends been warned ​

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  2. Reagan Cole is seen behind Corey

    Reagan: I already buried Gray's careers ages ago though. I did beat him 3 times in a row!
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  3. "Then he is a zombie or something"

    *Corey tosses Reag a beer*​
  4. Reagan smirks as he takes a sip

    Reagan: hey, maybe we can get Michael to arrange a tag match for Vice...We can take out Bottle heads early then because I'm not going to be here after SS.
  5. "Hmmm good idea, I'll give him the heads up"

    *ends segment*
    @Roadster looks like me and Reagan Cole vs. the Underappreciated (2 of them of their choosing I suppose)