Storyline Corey Marcus after Match interview

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  1. *Jerry the interview guys catches up with Corey Marcus after his victory against Dylan Gray*

    Jerry: "Corey so you did it again, another victory here in the IWT, but this time it seemed easier than Will Savat, thoughts on Dylan?"

    Corey: "That was in fact easier than Savat, that match I just had I can compare to catching a CP 10 Pidgey in Pokemon go *laughs a bit there*. Anyway I've been saying it to him, he can't just stuck behind his wall like that and keep digging like that. He has to evolve in a straight path himself, not be stuck in this current which is going full circle. You know what though? Unlike other IWT star's boats that have made pit stops at the island of Gray just for gasoline, I think im gonna park my speedboat here, I think I'm gonna explore Dylan's island a bit... I think I'm gonna give him another chance. He thinks he's just beginning, but honestly without me giving him this feud, he'll just be ending."

    *corey walks away*
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