Could a Nexus return work? And would you mark?

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  1. Is there a way to perhaps have Nexus return and make it still epic? The only problem I see at the moment is Skip being completely revamped into Ryback, but let's say he wasn't there for a minute, could it work? Would you mark? For example, a big main event match with Taker vs X at Summerslam and 6-7 guys in blacked out attire (IE, you can't see their faces etc) would beat them down and spoil the end of the PPV.

    No explanation is given on RAW the next day, but you see them in the "cheap seats" staring towards the ring, again, blacked out attire on, no idea who they are. You can make a viral video on how they appear at WWE press conferences at the back of the rooms etc. Then finally Wade Barrett reveals Nexus have returned with extra fire power and are badder than ever. Just thought of this, I'm not sure of it myself yet. Would you mark? Or would you want it done differently?
  2. Sadly Nexus was dead and buried the night Cena buried Barrett with those chairs. Barrett should have been the world champ at that point, not Miz, and Barrett should have faced Cena at Mania.
  3. As Dolph said. Nexus is dead and buried. Would be a cool way to debut the next big stable though.
  4. I agree with Stop. Not a good idea for Nexus, as doing the same thing again would be lame in my opinion, plus, they were buried and the idea wasn't as hot as it was when it first began. But it's a great way to debut another stable.
  5. Nope, it happened and it ended. No need to re-do it.
  6. Even though I agree that there's no need and it'd never be QUITE as good, I'd still mark.
  7. If Barrett, Skip, Slater, and Bryan came out dressed in Nexus t-shirts and beat the shit out of Cena I'd mark
  8. tbh im over nexus.
  9. All i can think of when i hear the word Nexus is buses and trains
  10. I'll mark out definitely. I loved the storyline. I loved so much I jumped ship from Orton to Nexus.

    The group was rrrreeeeeaaaalllyyyyy wasted, both as a group and as individual wrestlers, IMO.

    Your idea's good.

  11. Nexus was a boring stable and hopefully they stay dead. Bigger picture.:dawg:
  12. Nexus sucked and I dont know why CM Punk was apart of the new Nexus
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  13. Barrett is past this by now, and Otunga's fine in his current jobber (sorry Hoss) role.

    Maybe they can have McGillicutty lead a Nexus-esque stable, with Slater and a few others (Hawkins and Reks? Maybe some FCW guys?) in the stable. Since they're already good with Otunga, they can be good with Johnny. A Punk vs Nexus storyline would be pretty cool, even though nobody really remembers Punk running Nexus since the faction was so damned irrelevant then.
  14. FU. :pity:
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  15. Imma back you up. :>
  16. Nexus was horrible, what's so hard to understand?
  17. You know better than anyone how much WWE Fans can only hope for things to happen. Nexus was cool and exciting until Summerslam happened (granted, after that it was dead). But this is just another case of "Hey, WWE can do this, and it would actually be something interesting on the show!"
  18. It's in the past, I say let it stay there. It wouldn't make sense for Barrett or Otunga or "Ryberg" to go back to being Nexus, and it wouldn't really work doing it with a new set of NXT guys since it would no longer be a fresh idea.

    They really could have done it better the first time around, of course. Nexus losing their first big match to prove themselves? By elimination at that? (Meaning they each had to take a loss, whereas a normal tag team match would require only one member to take a loss.) Imagine if the Alliance had lost at Invasion 2001. Wouldn't exactly make them much of a threat over the next four months, would it? Imagine if Giant pinned Hogan at Hog Wild 1996, right as the NWO angle was taking off.
  19. I dont think nexus should come back.. maybe another dominant group with a different name though
  20. Come on, the first month or so was epic.

    The debut of 8 young pissed off rookies being mistreated by WWE (which is so real) making havoc. The debut was fantastic. Then Bret Hart refuses to give them contracts so they raise more hell. They make every superstar stand on the ramp so they don't interrupt the main event, so what does Nexus do? They go backstage, grab Bret, beat the shit out of him, put him in a limo and crash it multiple times leaving him fucked up. They had constant backstage segments, ring segments, looked strong (before super Cena) and actually had variety. Nexus was beast.