Could it be?

Discussion in 'SmackDown' started by Zack Ryder, Apr 1, 2013.

  1. Could this Randy, Sheamus, and Big Show partnership result in a stable?
  2. No. Orton is 90% surely turning heel at mania and feuding with Sheamus after.
  3. Why again though?
  4. He's gonna turn heel for sure..
  5. Because Orton is a bad babyface and works better as a heel that's why. And who would want to see a stable consisting of Sheamus, Orton and Big Show? What would they do? What would they bring to the table that a fresher, younger stable cannot?

    Putting Orton, Sheamus and Show together in the long run just isn't logical.
  6. Good because SD needs more heels
  7. The stable could be Orton and the shield hope it doesn't happen ..
  8. Yeah that would be a disappointment.
  9. It won't, they're fighting and after WrestleMania they'll go again to fight singles until they ask The Shield to fight, AGAIN
  10. Probably
  11. It's for sure, WWE has being doing this since TLC I think, it's kayfabe
  12. :true:
  13. A face stable with current stale Orton, Sheamus and Show? :eww:

    People complain about SD with that not happening, I think even I'd stop watching if that happened.
  14. no, they won't and they shouldn't, it's the last thing I want to see in WWE today.
    Plus, as already mentioned, Orton is likely to turn at WM.
  15. Very likely
  16. Lol not happening. Chances are Sheamus and Orton will end up feuding.