Could Ryback have a more successful career than Goldberg?

Discussion in 'RAW' started by Arrow, Aug 28, 2012.

  2. He will never be bigger than Goldberg was in WCW. Goldberg in WWF/E is a different story.. the mystique was already mostly gone by the time he showed up there
  3. In modern WWE I don't think it's quite possible to be as successful as Goldberg was, I hope I'm wrong though, he's certainly more talented than Goldberg (IMO).
  4. He is a more talented worker, but there was just something about Goldberg that is tough to explain via typing words on a message board. Seabs and I have discussed this in Goldberg threads before, but he is the biggest shining example I can give of a superstar having the 'it factor' (no disrespect to my BFF Bobby Roode)

    As far as his career being more successful, it just won't happen because wrestling today isn't half as big as it was in the 90s. Nothing WWE could create today could ever reach the level of something like this:

    just look at the crowd reactions. You don't even need to hear them because you can see them visibly going apeshit
  5. Agreed, I think I even said the same so I'll join your little bromance and turn it into a trimance. Goldberg looked the part, had the "it factor" as you say, but if you were looking at RAW talent I'd give the nod to Ryback, who also has a great look imo.

    He won't be as successful, but can he still main event and put asses in seats? I would happily say yes atm.
  6. Ryback could absolutely be more successful than Goldberg. Goldberg had the presence and the "it" factor, but it was really the undefeated streak that got him over so well (which is why he lost a lot of his mystique with some people after the streak ended.) And he was only really huge in 1998. He was misused in 1999 (and WCW was going down the shitter in a hurry by then) and by 2000, most of his mystique was gone. It was pretty much all gone by the time he went to WWE and had his shitty one year career with them.

    So, in the long run, if Ryback becomes a successful main eventer and has a lengthy career, he could end up having a more noteworthy career.
  7. as much as a fan of ryback as i am i dont see it happening i see ppl geting bored because wwe dont know how to evolve eg a few months back ryback faced jack swagger the first time. swagger beat the holy hell out of ryback . the next week on raw brodus clay beat him in 15 secs making ryback look like spike dudly. so in the end i dont think Ryback will reach the same level of sucess as goldburg simply because wwe dont know how to handle talant
  8. Ryback is a more talented worker. He's got wrestling ability. And he already has shown some talking ability in the promos that play during his entrance.

    Goldberg was all charisma with very little in the way of technical ability in the ring.

    I agree that it's going to be almost impossible to build him the same way Goldberg was built. The business is just too different. That being said, I think Ryback could be as big in the future as Cena is today.

  9. I agree with you 100% but with WWE's inablity to push new talent I honestly dont see him going far.
  10. WWE definitely has a moronic way of pushing people. They treat fans like morons who can't connect the dots. Though I think they care too much about Ryback to let him drop off into the abyss. I really see Ryback as a big draw in the future.

    I'll be baffled if they don't use one of the big names they have, like Lesnar, Show, Cena or Taker to put Ryback over. Throughout history if they wanted to build a new star they put him over a current star. They seem SO hesitant to do that now.

    HHH's last two wrestling matches for example. He put over Undertaker and Lesnar, why? What does that serve? It's simply pathetic that they won't let someone like Ryback, Barrett or some other young buck go over the iconic names who can still work.
  11. Yeah thats triple h for you lol, I think ryback over Sheamus would be a great way to put over Ryback
  12. Agreed, like how Henry went over Sheamus last year. Also Big Show. He's just come off a monster heel streak, he still looks strong, have Ryback go over him.
  13. oooooohhhhh just had a visulization of ryback giving show his shell shock
  14. No Ryback is just a Goldberg wannabe he will never be better
  15. :finger: He is already "better" just not as succesful:finger:
  16. The business is too different, but relatively, he could be bigger than Goldberg, I think. I'd have him go over Kane, Show, Henry, or even Lesnar. But I'm not sure Ryback can deliver the Shell Shock to Henry or Show...
  17. i think ryback over lesner would be a good idea
  18. I think he's better than Goldberg, but he just isn't bigger. Which obviously comes with time. WWE has built Ryback up fantastically making him win to jobbers, and now building up the competition. I would like to see a Swagger vs Ryback feud before he moves onto anyone else.