Cousin Eddy

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    Character Name: Cousin Eddy

    Height/Weight: 6'8'' 278 lbs

    Residence: Skullshore, Georgia

    Character Base/Appearance: Luke Harper

    In-Ring Attire: Large Scar on face between nose and left eye - Words covering body and arms written in sharpie- Undone overalls with stains on them- Hairy chest and belly- Yellow taped hands with smiley faces self drawn in sharpie- brown worker boots-black Luke Harper beard & long black scraggly hair.

    Entrance Attire: Same

    Entrance Music:
    (Kharmatic Sheepherder, a mashup of Kharma's and Erick Rowan's theme, with an added intro)

    Entrance Actions: Slowly walks out to dimmed lights rolling a hot wheel down the barricade. At the end he takes it and puts it in the ring near the turnbuckle. He turns around and looks at the camera with a big genuine smile. He rolls into the ring and gets up slowly (assisted by the ropes). He then either turns and looks up the ramp waiting for a new friend or turns at new friend already at ringside.

    If he wins, he places the car on his fallen opponent's chest.

    Wrestling Style: Powerhouse

    Finishing Move (Only 1): Bearhug

    Signature Move(s) (3 Max.): 1. Child's Play: Discus Big Boot
    2. A large and somewhat sloppy spear
    3. Standing Powerbomb

    Holds: Boston Crab - Arm behind Back (like a bully) - Biting body parts - Full Nelson - Headlock with excess pressure

    Strikes: Lariets, headbutts, clotheslines, hooks, front kicks, running knees, slamming opponent's head into turnbuckle

    Aerial: Not very often, but just normal dives off the top, nothing special

    Throws: Classic Ragdoll Throwing, STO Backbreaker, Black hole slam, Belly to bellies, Full Nelson slam, Pushing, Rock Bottom where Eddy doesn't fall down, Bulplex

    OMG: Used toys like Legos and Hot Wheels to throw opponents on during Hardcore matches

    Taunts (Optional): Eddy gets uncomfortably close to a downed opponent and hums Ring-a-Round the Rosie, also, he could sing it in the middle of the ring to the crowd

    Ring Psych: Slow and phycotic movements. Constantly looking down the ramp at his manager for orders.

    Pretty much, just imagine this guy sounds like a deep voiced Forrest Gump.

    Character Name: Dr. Cyrus Occult

    Height/Weight: 6' 5'', 215 lbs

    Residence: Unknown

    Character Base/Appearance: Plauge Doctor

    In-Ring Attire: Short metal plauge mask, leather top hat, goggles, black leather gloves, black trench coat, black leather boots, black slack plants, black cotton shirt, cane

    Entrance Attire: Same

    Entrance Music: None

    Entrance Actions: Walks out with Eddy to the ramp, and whispers into his ear. He stays on the stage and commands Eddy mid match with hand gestures

    Does Not Wrestle

    Taunts (Optional): Coldy stares at the opponent if he gets the upper hand.
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