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  1. [Skip Entrance]Christian is standing in the middle of the ring with his World Heavyweight Champion

    Christian: A few weeks ago, I demanded that Wigga Lee defend his IWT Championship against me at Summerslam! And that didn't happen as I expected...

    If there's one thing I've learned about Lee in these past 5 months, it's that he's a coward. I like many other people cringe on him actually carrying that prestigious title and treating it worse than Jonathan treated the IWT. I've been carrying my World Heavyweight Championship for 155 days or 232 days if we ignore that diabolical Wrestlemania scheme Lee committed. Championships are meant to be defended and Lee, you haven't been doing much of a good job on that.

    So before you tarnish the legacy of the IWT Championship anymore, I demand the chairman of the board, @Aids Johnson to come out here and strip Lee of the IWT Championship. And not only that, but crown the greatest champion to step foot on this gracious earth, Christian as your NEW, Undisputed IWT Championship!
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  2. ~After waiting for a while~

    Christian: So this is how it's gonna be, huh? You're not going to walk out here Mr. Chairman of the board? You WANTED this power and now you've got it. When there's an issue in this company, the word gets forwarded to you. This company is in your hand, and you know better than I do that we need a REAL champion to represent this company! Five months the IWT champion has been sitting in the corridor at the back, jacking off, thinking that this big guaranteed money will help elevate his rap career. What has he done for this company that I haven't done? I'm a champion wanting to fight! Lee on the other hand, is a guy holding a title calling himself champion!

    ~Christian's anger grows as Aids doesn't come out~

    Christian: What's the hold up, Aids?! Why won't you come out here and strip him of the IWT Championship?! There's no excuse to why he deserves to walk around carrying that title. WHY WON'T YOU COME OUT HERE!

    Is it the fact that you still look at him as your underling from The Cure? Is that it? Well if it is, I've got something to tell you. If you won't strip him and announce me as the new Undisputed champion, I will walk back there and beat him down until there's nothing left but a puddle of blood!

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    Holy shit, audiowide is a sick font.
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  3. OOC (open)
    Tempted to come out as Dirk but did not want to be "that guy" lol. Yo @Aids Johnson
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    Aids Johnson walks out to a crowd pop, wearing his brewers blue suit. Aids fixes his tie at the top of the ramp, before someone runs over to hand him a microphone. Aids paces for a few seconds as the music continues before holding it up.

    Cut my music! I can only stand so many demands at once Christian, and you are far from the top of my list. We have a big event planned, and you just HAD to jump the gun didn't you? Here is what I will do with your list of demands, I'll give you what you want and take the belt off of Sir Lee until he signs the dotted line one more time. He WILL be allowed a rematch, and that cure drop was cute. Talent is talent, talk to me when you wear a ring like mine. *Aids holds up his hand showing off the IWT HoF ring he has.

    You have been champion for months, but have you finished a match? Have you signed up or helped bring new talent to IWT in that meantime? You might be better than an inactive champion, but you are rarely seen outside of your obligations and that is just a simple fact. Here is what I will do, I'll be stripping Sir Lee of the title immediately. Your new IWT champion....

    AIDS JOHNSON!!!! *Massive crowd boo*

    No, not really, but I will be making you prove yourself once again. This company needs a leader in the locker room, and you are clearly my best option. You will be busy through this PPV, and when you finish your fate will be decided only by you, and you alone. I'll be keeping the fans entertained as they witness you EARNING the championship the way champions are meant to, until then the IWT title will be vacated.

    *Massive crowd booing*

    You have two options here: step up and prove to the world the IWT WHC championship means something, or take the easy route and let the roster, former champions, and most importantly: me. You make your choices and we will see who steps up to the plate, just make sure the next time I have to address you and a comes with less drama.
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  5. Christian steps forward, puts his elbow over the top ring ropes and glares at Aids.

    Christian: BRING. IT. ON.


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  6. Coming out to Ye and shit, I'm so appalled. I mean this shit is fuckin ridiculous
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  7. What's so hard to understand, my buthole is loose because you used Ye. I was making a promo and had So Appalled set as my theme.
  8. I change themes daily, use that theme and no one will remember I rocked that jam.
  9. You're good man, just fucking around. A lot of good music dropped today so idk what the fuck to use now.
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  10. I guess Justin Vernon was working with him recently (my buddy lives at his place) and I'm excited to see that new magic.