Cowhead Heckles Hulk Hogan at the Press Conference

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  1. Cowhead sent two of his employees (Spanish and a camera man) to heckle Hulk Hogan at yesterday’s Impact Wrestling press conference at Hulk Hogan’s beach shop in Tampa.
    The Cowhead show since then has put up footage on their Youtube channel, which can be seen in the video embedded below.

    Spanish now claims that a person at the event assaulted him before security escorted him and the camera man out of the event. They have offered a reward for the identity of the man.

    uhh who the fuck is cowhead? :george:
  2. I see where the guy puts his hand on his mouth and pushes him a little after the guy with the mic asks about Hogan's sex tape. Either way, this was just pure childish. Wasn't really that humorous, and all it did was get him kicked out of an event.