Cracking Gaming PC

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    AMD FX4100 Quad Core CPU 3.6Ghz x 4 Cores
    8GB DDR3 Corsair Vengeance Memory 2X 4GB
    500GB Fast Sata2 7200 RPM HDD
    1Gb ATI HD7750 GDDR5 (lots of upgraded VGA cards available please ask)
    Asrock 970DE3/U3S3 DDR3 Mainboard
    22X DVDRW Dual Layer
    750 Watt ACE PSU with Blue Fan
    Stylish CIT Vantage Gaming Case
    Windows 7 Home Premium (64Bit)

    Capable of running Crysis 2 at 60 FPS :obama:

    What % of games of 2012 it can run:

    Tested all the big ones; Crysis 2, MW3, Skyrim etc. All passed well.

    Cracking gaming PC for just £500, deliver to anywhere in the UK.

    I know where I'll be going when I get paid :lol1:
  2. Do they sell this at PC world? :gusta:
  3. Nope, it's custom built by Falcon Computers.

    Falcon Computers is based in Sunderland, I buy all my PC stuff from them :emoji_slight_smile:)

    Why not order it from them? Better to go to a local place than a billion pound company, else they go bust :sad:
  4. Damn you- custom built PC's.

    Nice to know you're helping out the little man. I would do the same but PC world and Maplins are literally 45 seconds from my house. :otunga:
  5. We have one pc world in Cornwall but like 5 million pasty shops.
  6. So order from Falcon then? You'd have to pay £1k+ for that PC in PC World. :pity: