Storyline Crankdeer addresses the Doctor.

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    Crankdeer opens the back door that enters the stadium and walks inside. He immediately nods his shades down to his snout as a camera crew runs in front of him. Crank drops his gym bag as he gets ready to answer a barrage of questions.
    Interviewer: Crankdeer! Sir
    , could you give us your thoughts on this newly signed "Doctor Attitude"

    Crankdeer: - Woah woah woah.. I don't mean to interrupt you.. well, yeah I do but! DO not come up to me asking these questions about people who are obviously considered a pimple on the IWT.
    Crank crosses his arms and gives a grin for the camera before continuing.
    Crankdeer: Now, this newly signed ' Doctor ' is nothing but a laughing stock. Everyone loves me. Everyone wants to be me. No one wants to wear faces of this 'woman' wrestler or this ' doctor guy' on their t-shirts. They want ME! They want the best, they want the hottest their is, they want the guy who has an answer to everything. Hell, they want me because I'm a talking fuckin' deer.
    Crank grabs the interviewer's microphone.
    Crankdeer: So let me just give a shout out to these two individuals. You guys think you are hot shots, right? Well guess what, Crank thinks differently. When Crank thinks differently, the crowd tends' to agree with him. Let these idiots not forget WHO to look out for and WHO not to mess with. That person, is me! So all I gotta say is, Doctor what ever the hell, I am calling YOU out, SON!
    Crank takes the mic and slaps the interviewer with it. He grabs his gym bag and prances off.

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  2. *Reagan notices Crank*
    Cole: WHO LET A DEER IN!?

  3. Dr. Attitude, E.R.A. addresses the talking deer.... WTF?!

    "Look I know you think you're special.. I understand that you are a rare breed."
    "You're a rare breed because most talking deer know better than to approach the Doctor."

    "I'm a fucking dentist not a taxidermist, I work on human beings! Go back to prancing in the woods with all your other little gay friends!"

    *side note - Gay is being used here in the context of gay meaning happy.

    "I'm done talking to a fucking animal!"

    Dr. Attitude turns around and laughs as he walks away from the talking deer.

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  4. Kousaki watches this interview after changing the channel*
    Kousaki: Another future jobber. Goddamnit. We out to shovel em into the job squad at this rate.
  5. Expected something Doctor Who related for some reason.
  6. Crank paces the locker room as a camera crew opens the door and catches him in the act. The interviewer that Crank had assaulted earlier, was pressing charges at a law firm.
    The camera crew gets really close up to Crank. Crank then pushes the camera man back, the camera making a loud noise hitting on the ground. The camera man picks the camera up only to see Crank and a technician arguing. Crank then focuses at the camera and gives a grin.
    Crankdeer: So.. this Doctor guy feels it isn't necessary to pay me any attention? That's fine, he just proved to everyone in the IWT and the fans that he is a giant poon.
    Crank walks over to his locker and grabs his aviators. He puts the aviators on his face and grabs the camera, holding it close to his face.
    Crankdeer: So the good doctor thinks that he is just too good for the Crank. That's okay, he can stay in denial. This meat-sack calls himself a 'dentist', like that's a real doctor anyways, and thinks he can just go around and perform oral surgery to every IWT superstar? He's got another thing coming. This is your last chance Doctor Piece'Oshit; you face me in the ring. I want you to taste your own blood so the Crank can prance around and flaunt his amazing skills, SON.
    Crankdeer throws the camera to the ground and walks out of the locker room. The camera man picks up the camera and follows Crank out into the hallway. Crank gets on all fours and prances outside in the road, dodging cars and into the woods.
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  7. Dr. Attitude is driving along the road and sees Crank along the side eating grass, he stops and rolls his window down.

    "Okay, so I've noticed you and I think this might be fun, so I accept your challenge."
    "I would have been here sooner but this kid named Nero challenged me and then bitched out because he was shitting his pants in fear."
    "Set the match up and you can have first go."

    Dr. Attitude runs his fingers over his necklace.

    "I guess a deer tooth would be a nice charm."

    Dr. Attitude spins the tires kicking mud up into Crank's face.

    "See you soon!"

    He slams the gas and takes off down the road laughing maniacally.