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    The music hits as the lights flash brightly amongst the crowd. The music is foreign to the crowd, as no one has an earthly clue who is going to walk down the ramp. An antler pokes out from the side of the the entrance, then another as the music continues to play. Suddenly, a large deer jumps out onto the top of the ramp as pyrotechnics shoot up. The large deer, standing like a normal human being, was quite muscular and is wearing purple and white trunks. The crowd is looking at each other with a 'what the fuck' look on their face. Crank holds up his arms, with no one cheering for him. He walks over to a technician who tries to give him a mic, but the mic falls out of his hoof due to him having no fingers. The technician decides to duck tape the microphone to his hoof. The music dims as the crowd tries to find out who the hell this is.

    Crank looks to the left, then to the right.
    Announcer 1: " Who and what the hell is this? "
    Announcer 2: " Damned if I know, it seems like this deer is trying to talk!"
    Crank lowers his aviator shades and opens his mouth wide.

    "Well hello humans! I-.. I just wanted to come out here, to come to the IWT to see what this professional wrestling business is all about"
    Crank begins to pace the floor back and forth while talking. He then stops and looks at an attractive woman in the crowd.
    "Well look at the tits on that thing,"
    Crank says as he walks over to her in the crowd
    Crank takes the microphone away from his mouth and tries to talk game to the woman. She then smacks him on the cheek with her right hand, while the crowd laughs ferociously. Crank then mutters the word bitch as he walks away back to the ring.
    " I understand you folks are in bit of a shock, a talking deer.. who would have ever thought a deer could talk. "
    Crankdeer begins to chuckle and then speaks again saying,
    " Then again, you guys have believed in some crazier shit. People like ' Aids ' and ' The Dazzler ' "
    Crank shakes his head again, the crowd booing him along the way. He then pops his head up an immediately screams,
    " Well don't you sorry meat-sack sons of bitches worry, because Crankdeer is here to stay for all of your wrestling needs! "
    Crankdeer then jumps up to the turnbuckle and tries to throw the microphone into the crowd but fails due to the duck tape. He violently shakes his hoof a couple of times, allowing the microphone to fall loose, flying off into the crowd. The microphone hits a little boy in the head. Crankdeer's music plays again while Crank gets on all four legs and prances around the ring.

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  2. A Deer.....Well, Hopefully FTJ will see that even Animals are better then him.
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  3. OOC: Someone drive a vehicle down to the ring with the headlights on! He'll be paralyzed!
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  4. I lol'd. Very funny and original gimmick dude.
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