#Crayluminati Resurfaces

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    Evil S&M enthusiasts known as the #Crayluminati have once again resurfaced when they were seemingly defeated with the switch to Xenforo. There last attempts to take over the world involved agitating the members of this site by having the World's most atrocious banner. The image is so terrible that I refuse to show it in this thread. It was a giant metallic waste of space, that looked like a transformer baby...after it gets aborted. #Crayluminati also created the Decepticons, but i digress.

    #Crayluminati hoped to aggravate the head of the Al'Qaeda, Respect Gohan6425. Gohan, who is well known for his pipebombs, was being provoked so that he would launch another terrorist attack on America, except on a larger scale. It would be...10/11. However we intercepted the attack when we sent Gohan a package. The package was a box of boxes. Gohan who is a fan of unboxing things was distracted and oblivious to the terrible banner. The youtube video of the unboxing was 844 hours long. The first 800 hours was spent on Gohan looking for his safety scissors.

    After this plot was foiled #Crayluminati went into hiding. Thwarted and ashamed it seemed like there was a time of peace. This was up until Big Satan Lover Rambler announced that there would be no awards. This happened shortly after that I had announced that I had reached the 8,000 post requirement for the Best in the World award. The award's disappearance around the exact time I had reached the benchmark was no coincidence. When I asked why all the awards disappeared, Crayo responded with "Xanth ate them".

    I am currently positioned under Xanth's toilet and am waiting for him to shit out my BITW award. So far I have only gotten cabbage, a soccer ball, anal lube, and the spammer award (which is exclusive to Lacky). I will update you all when the rest of the awards have returned.
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  2. The Gohan part was beautiful.
  3. God, I have no idea if this originated from a past thing on WWEF but I love it. You could make a series with that lol
  4. Search Crayluminati
  5. so that he would launch another terrorist attack on America, except on a larger scale. It would be...10/11

  6. I'm laughing so hard right now dude, lmfao.
  7. lol'd so much. Love these.

    By the way, wrestling awards are returning, so you will get your BITW award in due course. Or is this part of the crayluminati plan?

  8. I cry everytime! This was amazing.
  9. "This was up until Big Satan Lover Rambler announced that there would be no awards."

    My favorite part. And people say you arent funny. And they say you aren't witty. They even say you cant keep your Fro together.
  10. No one says that :mad2:
  11. Even CrayJ Lee laughs about your afro.
  12. what a bitch

    if Dat kid were blowing me I would bust on his chest, just out of respect for his afro.
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  14. Its ashley fun to bust in his fro. When it dries it looks like spiderwebs. :true:
  15. A great thread got gay.

  16. I did it for you :yay:

  17. It is only a hypothetical blow job. It's bi, at worst, certainly not gay.
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  18. Thank you good sir, I'm glad my efforts are finally being rewarded.
  19. [​IMG]
  20. When is the next one coming out?
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