Crayo & Xanth, friends with benefits.

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  1. Crayo & Xanth at prom night:

    Crayo & Xanth at their honeymoon:

    Crayo & Xanth celebrating Christmas with their local friend:

    Crayo bought new swag clothes:

    Crayo showed them off:


    We all love them..
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  2. I always assumed Crayo was a guido

    jump off a bridge you circus freaks
  3. I love how I gain and lose muscles so quickly.
  4. These are photo's from all of your teen years. So it happened.
  5. God I just threw up seeing the last picture. Someone close this thread we've known for awhile Crayo and Xanth are friends with benefits.
  6. We prefer the term lovers.
  7. Needs more obesity to be Xanth.
  8. :gusta::gusta::gusta:
  9. That is fucked up shit, can't believe I saw them gay ass pictures.
  10. Could be worse, you could be the one who searched for them like OP.
  11. It was pretty hard to do, but funny too. :laugh:
  12. I can imagine lol, it would be funny if this thread came up when you searched Crayo and Xanth.
  13. [​IMG]

    In about a month when this thread gets indexed it will lol.
  14. Didn't found anything @[Kill Steen Kill] :sad:
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