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  1. if u dont talk to/unblock me on skype i will fuck u i swear


  2. Better do what he says Crayo if you don't wanna be fucked!
  3. Cause Crayo hates getting fucked :pity2:

  4. :isee:
  5. Got new skype. Pm me for it

  6. :isee:
  7. Kyle reminds me of mike. :downer:
  8. CM Punk reminds me of Jesse Pinkman. :downer:
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  9. #Crayluminati gonna close this?
  10. Hey UID 2215, shut the hell up you worthless backseat mod.
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  11. crayo accept my contact request or else :emoji_slight_smile:
  12. That fucking moron makes mikedawt look like stopspot.

    Forum rules: No posting LQ shit, unless you are crayo/too disabled to know how to pm.
  13. Crayo and I are lovers
  14. ok guys crayo accepted but im still going to fuck him

    thanks for ur support every1

  15. :dawg:
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