Crazy Ass Dream That Included Hogan & Knobbs

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  1. I had this weird dream last night. It's still WAY vivid and fairly clear in my head so I'll write it all down.

    There were other sections before this, but I'll only get into the part that included Hulk and Knobbs.

    So I'm riding in a pick-up truck with Hulk Hogan. It's kind of like Trevor's truck from GTA V. It's all open. We're in Florida, I assumed in the dream that it was Tampa since he's from Tampa. My knowledge of Florida is geography is shit though, and this was a dream so somehow we're in some backwoodsy area. Hulk casually passes me a couple joints he rolled and a big fat roach. I compliment his rolling skills. I pocket the doobies and light the roach. He says we're going to stop somewhere before heading back to his place I think. Something about stopping before we get to wherever else we were going.

    So we get to this really neat looking house that was definitely influenced by some Home and Garden shit that was on TV at work yesterday. It's built on several intricate geometrical shapes and whatnot. A few octagons and spheres... anyway. There's hella rednecks there partying. As we get out of the car some dude comes out of the house with a big machine gun talking a bunch of shit. Then he just squirts us with water and laughs. I remember clearly thinking "Oh lol just like Devil's Rejects". As I think that, a couple other random characters pop out to mess with us, and Captain Spaulding runs out from the other side of the house. I'm far from surprised at this point to see Captain Spaulding, and I greet him pretty casually before moving on inside the house.

    Inside the house there's some old lady cooking a bunch of food, and the inside seems all homey and quaint. She asks me to check on the kids downstairs. The inside of the house is just as complicated as the outside, and it takes some work to find my way down there. There's a basement filled with crazy toys and some kids just smacking each other around with nerf swords or whatever. I leave them to it and head back upstairs where I make my way out back onto the deck.

    Brian Knobbs is out there drinking with a bunch of other redneck dudes, and I think "Well hey this looks like a party." Some guy offers me moonshine. I don't hear clearly what he's saying, as it's probably hardly English or any known language. Somehow he manages to say I should take it easy on the moonshine though. I take a few sips from a mug, and it tastes like apple juice. I heed his warning though.

    I mill around a bit, and some guy is walking around the party with a bag of rolled joints. He keeps slipping joints into everyone's back pocket while they're not looking. It's a rib I'm fine with, frankly.

    It's around this point that I realize I haven't seen Hulk around. I look out front and he's sitting in the truck, which is now appropriately painted red and yellow. It wasn't those colors before. He's my ride, so I want to make sure he doesn't leave without me. I'm confident I can hang out a bit more. A few minutes later though, I look out again and Hulk Hogan has totally left me at this party.

    I didn't take it personally, I figure Hulk Hogan goes where Hulk Hogan wants. He left me with a few doobies, so not all is lost. I am a bit concerned at this point about how I will get home. I realize home is way outside of Florida, and I settle on making it to Hulk Hogan's house. I decide to start walking there, and somehow a few minutes later I'm in some Ritchie Rich neighborhood that I assume is Hulk Hogan's.

    After this basically it's all blurry. I either woke up or another dream happened, I'm not certain honestly.

    That's the dream though. It's hard to detail how fucking weird it was, but I gave it a shot lol
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  2. fuck I really wanted to know if you made it back to Hulk's house or not.
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  3. I'll never know lol

    Sometimes though I have this thing where dreams are continued. For example I had this thing last week where it was this ongoing horror dream that kept continuing every day or two. So if that happens I'll pass it along.
  4. I had a dream last night about zombies eating corpses and there were worms and maggots lying all over the place. I'm more than certain it was inspired by an old horror flick from the late 70's called Zombie (which is awesome, btw.)

    Considering it stuck with me and I can't stomach anything worm/maggot-related, I haven't had an appetite to eat anything all day.
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