Storyline Create Your Own Villain

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  1. We fade in on Big Drag with his back to the camera, leaning on a table with his face in his hands. He gazes out of a large window to the night sky. One of his servants stands behind him.

    "Big Drag! This is insane! Just because you lost to Luis Ovaldinho doesn't mean anything! You still have your fortune and your looks and-"

    "SILENCE! IWT was to be my kingdom. That bandanna wearing PARASITE stole it from me. The truth is he was right that underneath the dancing and banter I am a fighter. Though Luis did not take into account what kind."

    Big Drag turns around. He puts on a pair of shades and places a leather glove over one of his hands.

    "No more jokes this time. By defeating me Luis has created a monster. I was content to lounge around with all the accolades and let the children play with their pathetic company. But Lee and Luis have created a villain that will loom upon this cesspool for the rest of its days."

    Drag's assistant quivers in fear as Drag smirks. He raises his arms out and laughs maniacally as we pan to the outside sky.