Creative changes in ROH

Discussion in 'International Wrestling' started by Stopspot, Oct 8, 2012.

  1. tagging @[JoeRulz] since he might be interested in this. As well as @[Testify]

    What ya think? :burns:

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  2. Cornette's product outright sucked, for the most part. Storylines were worse than in Russo's best days, and even the great talents couldn't make up for it. I'm glad he's gone now, but I don't expect drastic changes. I'd love to get into RoH again, because Jim Cornette and crappy booking got me to the state of not watching.

    Bottom line, good decision by upper brass managment, hopefully RoH gets better now, and their iPPV shit streams are past now. Kill Steen kill!
  3. Adam Cole! From the top rope Adam Cole!
  4. Cornette is no longer in charge of creative?? :yay:

    Maybe with a bit of time the product will start to be good and more enjoyable again. He pretty much ruined RoH for numerous fans. Will at least be interesting to see how it goes from here, if it changes much at all. Smart move by RoH though, I'd say.
  5. Well, finally is all I can say. The big damage is already done, but I'm an optimist, it can only get better. Delirious is a good wrestling mind, he could deliver.
  6. Hope things get better for Ring of Honor. The company really deserves good wrestling storylines. Also about time they remove Mr. Fuck this company, he did lots of damage to it.
  7. Two fantastic posts from elsewhere, they hit the nail on this subject:


  8. Just now saw this, very interesting. Giving ROH another shot, when will the next episode will be? (Yeah, I totally forgot when it comes on, haha)
  9. @[Rain] I think ROH airs on Saturdays
  10. Gracias!