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  1. Now i've made mine but i was wondering if you have any ideas about IWT you'd like to present to Creative? Now sure most of these will possibly be held back, but it's good to hear what the community is saying. At the end maybe we could have a great outcome. After a week or so of suggestions i will open a vote of the ones i found best and you guys choose the best and that idea can get presented with back up.

    Now please, NO Trolls
    any troll found will have their post deleted, if your post is a joke please color it red.

    Simple Rules:
    1) No Trolling
    2) No Spamming
    3) No Flamming Ideas, keep your opinions to yourself or PM chat.

    4) No Tagging Creative Members
    5) No Off Topic Posts Here, All Posts Found As Off Topic Will Be Deleted

    Some Advice:
    1) The best suggestions have detailed examples

    All Deleting Will Be Happening By Mods, I Don't Have Responsibility Of Deleting Actions, The Report Button Will Only Be Pressed If Something That Destroys All Guidelines, Which Have Been Set To Make This Easy To Handle!

  2. I think these could just be sent to Jono, js.
  3. This made to find good ideas and send them, as well as showcase.
  4. All ideas are sent to me which are then given to the creative team in our sub-forum, this isn't needed.
  5. Invading the point here Jono, the point is to the see the community's input on ideas. You may like a 10 tag tornado match, but nobody else will. There's only 8-12 members of creative, there 20-25 members of IWT.
  6. Creative weeds out the bad ideas then we put them to IWT. There's a point to Creative, and it's for this...
  7. Also your OP is like a prison camp. So many rules :lol1:
  8. Yeah any creative ideas can just be sent to any of the members via PM. It ruins the surprise if we're all blurting them out here
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  9. Just wanted it to make it easy for you.