Creepy Samuel shaw and Brittany

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  2. Is Samuel Shaw supposed to be some Dexter like character?
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  3. Awesome that you got enjoyment out of it.
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  4. @CM Punk thats I good question Idk mybe and @Paige is Hot anything or anyone :emoji_wink: that makes me laugh I enjoy
  5. I think he just dresses the same.

    He is more like Creepy Rob Lowe.
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  6. I'd bang Brittany :happy:
  7. Anyone ever watch Around the Horn? Pablo Torre had a costume on Halloween as "Creepy Pab Lowe"

    it was so money lol
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  8. Awesome duo
  9. Trying to be. But miserably fails.

    I don't particularly like Brit's clothes, but she's bangin'.
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  10. She is a nut case
  11. And a hot one, for sure. :happy:
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  12. hi best friend yea she is hot and so is Rebble i think thats how u spell it
  13. Oh yes, she is!

    It's spelled Rebel, actually. But whatever. :emoji_slight_smile:
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  14. I was close im still waking up typing lol write me plz
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  15. Sam Shaw is doing a dank job in his role, people who hate like vanilla midgets and compare them to tv shows. It's fucking wrestling FFS, every fucking person is comparable to something, it's all been done before.

    Sam Shaw isn't dexter, when was Dexter institutionalized?
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